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Readers Write

My husband and I have lived in Juniper Creek for over a year now. And in the year we’ve lived there (used to live in Tahoe Donner) I am continuously amazed at how “trashed,” literally, Glenshire Drive continuously gets.

We have taken the liberty, on numerous occasions, to walk up and down each side of Glenshire Drive with large lawn and leaf garbage bags and spend hours cleaning it up only to drive it days later and see trash appear again and again.

I have to ask the residents of Glenshire, Cambridge, The Meadows, Juniper Creek/Hill and Devonshire ” what’s the deal? Was the golden rule of “don’t litter” never taught in your households or schools? Maybe you read this and think, “I don’t dump trash on the road,” but do your kids? Have you made it perfectly clear to them that littering is not OK and that the only place trash belongs is in the can or Dumpster?

Please, stop littering on Glenshire Drive or, for that matter, anywhere. It’s not OK. Truckee is a beautiful place we all share and it shouldn’t be the duty of handful of us to clean up after the rest.

A detail to note: for all the years I drove up and down Northwoods Boulevard while living in Tahoe Donner I rarely saw a spec of garbage. Seeing as how TD is primarily second homeowners and the Glenshire area is mostly full-timers should I deduce that the Bay and Sac folks care more about our home than we? That would be truly sad.

Also, the next time you see us picking up trash on Glenshire Drive save the honk and thumbs up and get out there and join us. It’s everyone’s responsibility to keep our town clean and we’d sure appreciate the help.

Nicole Reitter


As some of us know it’s the end of finals. For some, it’s their last day at Truckee High. Finals have always been a tough week, but some classes tougher than others. It’s weird to think about finals though, because, in the end, one final is a half of a step to graduating high school and branching away from the “little town of Truckee” and slowly losing ties to your friends but you also find new friends and new places.

If you think about it, school has prepared us for life and I will explain it to you: In elementary school we were getting ready for middle school and then for high school and then for college and college prepares us for life ” finding jobs or how to cook and clean so that your house is at least decent. In the end I just think that all of this has gone by way too fast. It seems like yesterday when I had no idea how to decipher meaning from (x)x= ? x=2. And now that this year will be gone soon it will turn to a fading memory. This year we have had so many fun times, like P.E. was great, surrounded by friends in every class, or for a man unmentioned and those “daily progress reports.”

In the very end my equation for this article ends with x+c=? x= finals, c= college. Solve this equation to find what I found an enlightening experience.

Pat Forbes


In response to the recent column “Here’s an ethics solution: Better pay” (Sierra Sun Jan. 24) Dan K. Thomasson believes ethics are tied with money. A typical American answer to a problem that has nothing to do with money, but has everything to do with integrity, honesty and what is right and wrong. If our elected officials would live their lives by the Bushido (Samurai code of conduct) they would not have any of the problems they encounter day-to-day. If our elected officials cannot make decisions without favors or being paid more, then maybe it’s time for them to find a new occupation. Serving this country is not a right nor is it an obligation, it’s an honor, which you dedicate your time and life to do, with no complaints or regrets.

Ken Yamamoto

USAF, Retired

The Monthly Pancake Breakfast fundraiser to benefit the Senior Meals program and the Meals on Wheels, normally held the first Sunday of each month, will not be held in February due water damage at the Truckee Donner Senior Apartments.

Sierra Senior Services is working to get the kitchen and dining room back in service and hopes you will come back as soon as all the work is done. At this time we do not have a date for these breakfasts to re-start.

Dave Holtebeck


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