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Readers write

OK, I’m going to ruffle a lot of feathers with this letter, and I apologize in advance for any animosity this may cause, but honestly people, it’s a sad commentary on our society that with a hotly contested presidential election just weeks away, a highly controversial war in Iraq, critical economic issues, environmental issues, social issues, etc., with all this going on, the biggest story I’m seeing on the morning news is that Starbuck’s just raised their prices.I’d personally like to recommend a day-long national reality check. But you’d all probably need another double-no-foam-chai-latta-frappa-chino-with-a-twist before you could even consider it.Lore’ McLarenTruckeeSqueaky wheels grease airport raceIn a letter to the editor (“More record straightening,” Sierra Sun Aug. 11) a Truckee resident writes, “…proactive actions to reduce aircraft noise have resulted in a 246 percent increase in noise complaints…” It sounds awful, but the letter writer omitted an important fact that has recently come to light. Sixty percent of those complaints came from nine households and 45 percent of the complaints from only five. I became aware of the distribution of noise complaints when it was summarized at a Sept. 29 meeting of the Truckee Tahoe Airport community noise forum, but the raw data can be obtained from the airport district for a small fee. Airport managers remove all identity information from information released to the public, so we don’t know who these folks are. However, the letter writer’s involvement in the unsuccessful effort to close San Jose’s Reid Hillview airport several years ago allows one to reasonably assume that his household was among the vocal minority.It appears a small group of airport opponents is engaging in an activity that’s not much different from the time-honored technique of stuffing the ballot box. We all know ballot stuffing is illegal in elections. In this case, it results in manufactured statistics, something that’s not necessarily illegal but is considered by many to be unethical. Anyone who uses those statistics in a political campaign is misleading the public, especially when they created the statistics specifically to support their own position. That’s also not necessarily illegal but it is clearly and undoubtedly unethical.Voters have a right to know all of the facts, not just those that support a specific position. Community Airport Restoration Effort’s clumsy attempt to cover up its ballot stuffing exercise is an abject failure. If nothing else, it illustrates why voters need to carefully examine CARE’s arguments and treat the group’s newly proclaimed desire to keep the airport open with great suspicion.Jack EllisLos Altos, Calif.Nasty noiseI can’t believe the increase of noise just in the last three years from private jet aircraft which has totally destructed not only the peace of life as we knew it in this natural and beautiful town, but also wildlife, which are sensitive to noise. Why would anybody think the residents should support the Friends of the Truckee Tahoe Airport or the present airport board to continue the destruction of natural peace, beauty and the industrialization of Truckee for the benefit of a few?Marc LevanteTruckeeGreen is for real Barbara Green is the real thing. She is not about image, she won’t be walking about in costumes or designer clothes. Most likely she will be in her shorts and hiking boots, accompanied by her two golden retrievers She is a down-to-earth woman who goes door to door passing out flyers about neighborhood meetings. She doesn’t pretend to be anything she is not. She stands for what is best for the people of this town and her motives come from a genuine love of this area. She keeps a friendly attitude and can easily talk to officials, developers and local residents. Her experience on the board of supervisors is a great asset. Barbara is accessible. If you call her or leave an e-mail for her, she gets back to you within a day. She wants to hear from you. Vote for Barbara Green for town council. Peggy Towns TruckeeVan Gundy for PUDI would like to express my recommendation that the voters of Truckee retain Nelson Van Gundy as their representative on the Truckee Donner Public Utility District Board of Directors. During his tenure on the board he has been very successful in representing the interests of our community. He was instrumental in bringing Donner Lake and Glenshire into the public utility district water system. That resulted in much-needed improvements to the water supply of many of our residents at a cost that was both reasonable and fair for all ratepayers.I have known Nelson for about 25 years and he has always displayed insight, intelligence, good judgment and integrity in all his personal, business and professional dealings. He has lived and worked in Truckee during that time and he understands the needs and challenges of this community. During most of those years he has been an owner/operator of a local business and he has a wealth of experience regarding real estate and Truckee business affairs. He has always been a leader when it comes to community service. I feel the residents of Truckee will continue to reap enormous benefits from Nelson’s experience and leadership skills when he is reelected the board of the PUD. Please join me in voting for Nelson Van Gundy for director of the Truckee Donner Public Utility District.Michael F. Sullivan P.E.TruckeeCollins for school boardTrust, honesty and commitment are some of the qualities I look for in community members who seek to sit on any board in our district. One of the boards extremely important to me is that of the school board. Like any parent, I have my beliefs in how the school district should allocate funds and function. But, like many parents, I do not always have all the data, only bits and pieces I read in the newspaper or hear from friends. I depend on the school board to objectively interpret all the information in front of them and make a decisions that is best for the district. Without hesitation, I know Dan Collins, as a member of the school board, will represent the needs of our community. He is impartial and committed to the position. I trust his judgment and respect his opinion. Dan Collins is a honest individual; knowing his decisions impact not only his own children, but many other children in the community. Therefore, I recommend you vote for Dan Collins to represent you on the school board. Judy NewlandTruckeeMeasure H’s great potentialI am writing in support of Measure H, the bond issue supporting a Truckee campus for Sierra College. I feel that passage of this bond will broaden Truckee’s educational, cultural, and economic potentials.Measure H has several important aspects commending it:• It is aimed at Truckee residents’ needs for education beyond high school; both higher education for students preparing for four-year colleges and universities (Sierra College is ranked first in Northern California for transfers to four-year institutions], and continuing and vocational education to improve job skills and life enrichment.• The local campus will be able to draw on Sierra College’s broad-based and well-established strengths, while remaining focused on the local area and its needs. Classes can be designed to meet the desires of the Truckee community, and be much more responsive to those requirements.• Cultural and self-improvement opportunities will be locally available, thus opening those potentials to everyone in the Truckee/Tahoe region, rather than requiring students to travel or move to another area for such growth – or miss out.• Offering local students a wider range of learning will give them a better chance to develop skills that will allow them to find employment here, letting them stay in the community. This will also provide locally experienced employees for Truckee/Tahoe businesses.• Finally, one great bonus for everyone is the design of the campus, which provides for a conservation easement complete with trails and open space right west of downtown, and with low visual impact on the surrounding area.Vote for Measure H.Nelson Van GundyTruckee

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