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Readers Write

I strongly agree with the well-conceived arguments supporting paving of the Legacy trail Feb. 5 “My Turn: Paths make it easy to get around town.” I only want to add that there need be no conflict between joggers and cyclists as an unpaved footpath can be easily added adjacent to the paved portion of the path such that the trail can be used by both pedestrians and cyclists.

Andy Bavetta


Envision yourself if you can, sitting at home coffee in hand, reading the letters to the editor. Now imagine you have just learned that the elected officials of a public entity run their meetings through threats and blackmail. Imagine if you will that these threats were made against an organization which had a legal and binding agreement with this public entity. I ask you, what kind of support should these elected officials expect to receive from the community which they were elected to serve? That is, of course, if the community was aware of these facts.

The facts in question pertain to the Truckee Donner Recreation and Parks District Board meeting, agenda item 5.1, held Feb. 8, last week. Truckee Donner Horsemen requested time with the board to express their concerns of a request for the use of McIver arena to stage a Charreada, or Mexican Rodeo. After a lengthy discussion three board members “suggested” that the Horsemen find a way to rearrange their calendar and find a date for this event or understand their agreement with the Recreation and Park District may be revisited or revised. One board member also reminded the Horsemen that bulldozing McIver arena had already been recommended by his predecessor and that if a date was not found he would not find himself able to support the agreement with the Horsemen.

The unfortunate part of this “professionalism” is that it was carried out in front of juniors who were also present. Perhaps this could be used as a lesson in the backhanded side of politics. This entire discussion was recorded.

There have been many suggestions made by previous letter writers suggesting to the community to attend the board meetings of the Recreation and Parks District. Our community may be pleasantly or perhaps unpleasantly surprised as to the “professional” conduct with which the board conducts itself.

Phyllis Keller


My name is Maleah Milner. I am in second grade. On Jan. 29 I went to school at Glenshire Elementary and there was graffiti on some of our walls. I am concerned about it. I love my school. I go there to learn to read and write, and do math, typing, music and P.E., not to learn bad words. Will you ask these people to please stop?

P.S. We shouldn’t learn those words until we’re much older and our janitor shouldn’t have to do the extra work.

Maleah Milner

Glenshire Elementary

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