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Readers Write

The recent snow storms were significant events but certainly not unusual. Once again traffic in Truckee was gridlocked, stranding motorists and preventing plows and emergency vehicles from passing. Surely town authorities, in cooperation with North Tahoe authorities, CHP, and Caltrans, can come up with a better management plan.

I would suggest that when Interstate 80 is closed, in addition to holding traffic at the Nevada state line, non-local traffic be held at various locations in the North Tahoe area and at the ski areas and directed to areas where cars can park and people can access food, shelter, and bathrooms ” the ski area lots are particularly suited for this. Surely people are better off waiting in safe locations than stuck on the road in the middle of nowhere. In addition, I-80 through Truckee should be kept free of cars and cleared so that local traffic has an alternative to Donner Pass Road.

As it is, traffic is allowed to be dumped into Truckee with nowhere to go, leaving the Town with the hopeless task of managing it.

Jack Kashtan


As both a local pilot and a local taxpayer I must comment on “Simulator Sense,” a letter which should have been titled Simulator Nonsense.

First, simulators are an excellent training tool and a half million dollar version would be appropriate for the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Arizona, but such an expenditure would be a ridiculous waste of taxpayer dollars for Truckee. The primary use of a simulator is to train pilots for an advanced rating known as an IFR or instrument rating and not for new pilots learning basic maneuvers and landing/ take-off skills such as touch-and-go operations.

The majority of my time spent practicing IFR approaches was over Reno and Sacramento area airports which offer multiple types of instrument approaches. Truckee, on the other hand, is limited to two non-precision approaches (GPS and/or RNAV), neither of which I needed to practice prior to obtaining my IFR rating last year. If the taxpayers of Truckee have an extra $500,000 laying around I suspect the community has far more pressing needs to benefit a greater number of constituents than funding a gold-plated video arcade for pilots. The pilots are certainly not requesting it.

Secondly, in the interest of full disclosure, the letter writer should have disclosed that her husband is a member of the Airport Community Advisory Team which makes specific recommendations to the airport board on just such issues and expenditures. Such a back-door lobbying effort seeking public funds to satisfy a narrow self-interest seems inappropriate without full disclosure. And while it is true that the airport was not here first, it most certainly was in 1994 when, according to county records, the aforementioned purchased their home under the long-established flight path.

A simulator is a wonderful tool, but in this application would represent a wasteful and ineffective expenditure of public funds as part of a noise abatement program.

Craig Miller

Tahoe City

I had to make a rip into town today (Thursday, March 1) from Glenshire around noon. It was quite nice to see how well the snow was removed from the Commercial Row downtown area.

However, as a 13-year resident of Glenshire, I am appalled at how poorly snow removal on Glenshire Drive has been during the aftermath of the latest storm. Coming back today, there were significant stretches of 1 to 2 (or more) inches of slush, as well as solid-snow still lingering. I have never seen the road so poorly taken care of (not to mention many of the side streets).

Do we need to put up parking meters in Glenshire to get service? I would think we pay enough taxes and have enough voters to merit better service.

John Pratt


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