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Readers Write

I have watched something happen over and over again to the point of absolute frustration and intolerance. Ive quietly protested until today. I witnessed an oncoming SUV on Donner Pass Road and Church Street fly by a stopped, flashing school bus, forcing a child to stop dead in his tracks while trying to cross the street to safety. Something must be done. Perhaps you skipped the section in the drivers handbook about school bus safety laws or perhaps it was one of the 10 or 15 questions youre allowed to miss on the drivers test that you passed by the skin of your teeth. Please allow me to inform or remind you of what youre supposed to do in the event you see a school bus stopped with its stop sign out and lights on. No, theyre not telling you to dodge the children running across the street or when its convenient you should just think about slowing down to pass the guy stopped in front of you who knows our laws. Nor are they stopping traffic to accommodate your desperate need to cross the street. No, no, it means if youre behind the bus, you stop. If youre coming toward the bus, you stop. If youre the cross traffic, you wait and you stay there until the bus has closed the octagon sign reading STOP and turned off those little flashy lights surrounding the words STOP WHEN FLASHING. There are those who know this and do as they should and its truly refreshing, thank you. Truckee Thanks you.Kristine FranklandTruckee

Nevada has always been a state rich in mineral resources. Even though most of those resources have already been extracted, it still has the vast potential for renewable energy resources in the form of sun and wind. The Town of Truckee should use whatever funds were planned to be spent on importing electricity from the coal fired plant in Utah for working to establish both solar and wind farms in the vastness of Nevada.Truckee should do whatever is necessary to develop this project, i.e. the all-in pool or some such cooperative. Im sure the residents of Truckee would support such a green project. Cost wise, for example, the City of Palo Alto is buying as much green power 15 percent in 06, 20 percent in 07 as possible for the extra cost to residents who sign-up of for about $10 a month for the average home. Is there any state or federal help available? I realize that such a project would take years to develop, but we must start somewhere and what better opportunity than this?Howard DiengerTruckee/Palo Alto

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