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Readers Write

I just wanted to let you know that I am the sister of Stephen Buffum. I was so sad to find out about his untimely death (Body found in car on I-80 Sierra Sun Feb. 28, 2007). We are all heart broken beyond belief. As I am sitting here almost two weeks after we were told of his death I decided to Google his name. I came across your articles and again was very saddened but relived also. Your story helped me understand what happened to my beloved brother. We were only given a small detail of what happened but I am relieved to hear that he wasn’t in his car for more then a few hours before he was discovered. We have since found out that he had a heart attack, which could have been prevented had he continued down the mountain. But his heart would have given out due to a family heart problem that we have learned about since Steve’s autopsy. He may have saved our lives.A little history about Steve if I may do so. Steve was born on Oct. 15, 1969 to our mother who was in a home for the homeless at the time here in New Hampshire. He was given up for adoption at birth to a wonderful caring and loving family. At the age of 24, Steve went to Catholic Charities and found us, his birth family. Two years later our mother died of cancer-related health issues. But she died happy knowing she had found her lost son. There are seven of us in the family. Steve was our youngest brother. In his new family he was the oldest of four, being the only boy.Last August he wanted to follow his life-long dream of moving to California. He was only there eight months, but I am so happy he was able to live that dream.Thank you for writing about what happened. In a way it has helped to ease the pain just a little. I wish you could have know this wonderful man. He was so loved by so many people.Paulette BrasleyBedford, NH

As a Vietnam Veteran who is 100 percent disabled with Vietnam PTSD and incurable cancer from Agent Orange chemical weapons exposure, I am deeply saddened and troubled with the state of our military involvement in Iraq and the general decline of the United States.America is collapsing within itself without so much of a twitch from our government. I understand that we need to protect and defend our country, but Iraq is just another Vietnam. We should have never gone to Iraq to begin with, and we can get out at will. We can use our troops at home in boarder and port security to stop terrorism, drugs and other security issues. Congress needs to enforce our laws to ensure our society a peaceful and economically sound country. It is a sorry situation when the military has dropped its recruiting standards so low. It sends a message to our career soldiers, our country and the world that their hard work is now diminished in quality. Putting combat troops in the line of fire who had nowhere else to go here really jeopardizes the lives of those around them.It also will be a time of returning troops entering the Veterans Health Care System to face a disaster in red tape and inadequate care. This is same nightmare we faced after Vietnam and looks like we are facing it again, not prepared and declining budgets in veteran care.Daniel Cooley Truckee

So the airport board has shot down the Royal Navy due to the usual concerns of noise impacts on the people who chose to live near the airport.I don’t suppose any of them considered why, exactly, the Royal Navy would want to be testing helicopters in a mountainous locale like Truckee, far from the ocean and well above sea level. Perhaps it’s because there are currently Royal Marines and other British troops fighting alongside U.S. troops in a mountainous location far from the ocean and well above sea level. In Afghanistan, to be precise, hunting down the Taliban and Al Qaida. You know, the good war on terror.I commend them for their patriotism.John Reece Truckee

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