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Readers Write

I attended the Thursday night unveiling of the new Royal Gorge development. It’s true that the audience applauded when Foster said” no golf course,” “no gated community.”

He also said they listened to us when we said “no development in Van Norden Meadow.” But their map clearly shows a lot of development there. A new day lodge, maintenance building, employee housing (apartments), a new road, and “separate plans” for 18 homesites. Also a park “Interpretive Center,” and picnic grounds. This is not keeping Van Norden Meadow a “natural open space” as they are claiming.

The article did not describe how most of the audience sat in silent “shock and awe” when they actually showed us what they were planning. The map shows Serene Lakes surrounded by four “camps,” (villages?), a new downhill ski area two new lodges, two man made lakes, hundreds of co-ownership condos, and low-density building, sites filling in the gaps. Also “meadow houses and a cookhouse” in a very sensitive wetlands meadow near Pt. Mariah.

This is not high-density housing, it is sprawl.

Trying to cover this up as a “conservation community” and “camps” is an insult to our intelligence. Thank you Foster/Syme.

Nancy Latimer

Soda Springs

The challenge to make available housing that the lower paid members of our communities can afford is an issue that affects us all, residents and visitors. The article in the Sierra Sun on Mar. 19, “Affordable housing raises unanswered questions” describes how affordable housing regulations in Truckee pose a real dilemma to policy makers.

Our community’s goal is to create an inventory of homes that our teachers, police, firefighters, resort workers, restaurant employees can afford to own. On the other hand, it is the American dream to buy a small place, work hard, save money. Then make improvements, sell the starter house, and move up to a bigger, better home. These two worthwhile goals seem to be incompatible.

If a community wants to enforce control over housing, one option is publicly owned rental units. Big city projects have given that idea a bad reputation. Is it possible that privately financed, small-scale rental developments could be encouraged by our local governments? Perhaps tax benefits, loan guarantees, or some other means could be used to promote construction designed to fill the need for low-cost, entry-level housing.

Regulations designed to require the construction of affordable homes is an excellent idea. Regulations to prohibit owners of those houses from improving the value of their homes are absolutely un-American.

Larry Heer

Carnelian Bay

Recently I attended a Glenshire-Devonshire Residence Association (GDRA) board meeting. The agenda included a presentation by three individuals from the Truckee Trails Foundation (TTF). Their purpose was to obtain a letter from the association that would support TTF’s position of having the trail paved that would connect Donner Lake to Glenshire. The TTF is under a time line to obtain as much support for their position by April 11 when this trail issue will be heard by the Town of Truckee Planning Commission. This is a hearing that determines what the commission will recommend to the town council.

The GDRA board decided that input was needed from the association members before rendering a decision. I strongly urge residents of Glenshire-Devonshire to contact the association and express their opinion regarding paving the trail or having it remain as natural as possible. The issuing of a letter does not mean for certainty that the trail will be paved but provides added support to TTF’s desire. We need to indicate what the community truly wants. If we don’t, then the board will be left to make a collective decision based on how they feel individually.

Please visit the GDRA Web site and click the TO PAVE or NOT TO PAVE box on the home page. I hope we can demonstrate to everyone that our community is willing in large numbers to take a stand on this issue. This would take only 5 minutes of our time to simply e-mail the association from the comfort of our home and let our position be heard. If e-mail is not your thing and you drive by the clubhouse almost everyday, a note in the drop box is another method, a phone call and the leaving of a message will also give direction to the board.

Let us all participate and become part of the decision process.

Cliff Gwartney


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