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Readers Write

Thank you for the article on March 16 regarding the ongoing process being followed by the Tahoe City Public Utility District todevelop a district policy for acquisition of private water companies within or contiguous to the districts service boundaries. This is a serious problem for the many homeowners involved who feel theyare not receiving the quality of water or service from their private water purveyor that is provided by the TCPUD to its customers. Please keep this subject in the publics eye, as we do not need any more references to our infrastructure as comparable to a third world country. Our tourist industry has enough challenges as it is without the added burden of an unsafe and unreliable water supply. Keep up the good work.David & Susan ElliottTahoe City

I write in response to the recent My Turn column (Sierra Sun, March 16): To pave or not to pave the Truckee River trail. Im a 22-year resident here and have lived on the Glenshire (island) for three of those years. I refer to Glenshire as an island due to the fact you cant get out unless by car. Of course you can physically ride a bike out, but not practically. You do it once, and self-preservation keeps you from ever doing it again. After my first try, I took my experience to the town to find out what, if anything, was being done about the pedestrian dangers on both Glenshire and Hirschdale roads. I was told Glenshire Drive had a recorded bike lane on it. It is safer to ride on Interstate 80 to town. When I researched that idea, I was informed by our local CHP it was illegal as there were other routes available. This is all a sad reflection on how the Town of Truckee is being run. A response to the effect of We have experienced a ton of growth no longer can be accepted. Town planners should be held responsible for what this town has been turned into. If you allow this type of growth, the infrastructure has to reflect it. It has to. This is their job, and all of them seem to be again in a reactionary position. We now have 300-plus homes going into Glenshire thats 600 cars and at minimum 1,200+ additional passes on these two roads every day. What has been done to accommodate for that? Pave the Legacy Trail and start focusing on the rest of town.Gregg BetonteTruckee

The article on childhood immunization that was published on March 14, which included quotes from both of us, was a good introduction to the issues Nevada County faces as we work toward increasing the number of children who are vaccinated against preventable diseases. The percentage of children entering kindergarten who are fully immunized has gone down in the last year. The article stated that 78 percent of children entering school in 2005 were immunized. For 2006, that percentage is 73 percent (compared to almost 93 percent for the state), an alarming five-percentage-point drop.Because of the low numbers of children who are fully immunized, the community as a whole is at risk. We must maintain our community immunity for everyone to be protected, including infants too young to be immunized, individuals who cannot be immunized due to medical reasons, and older people whose immunity may have worn off. Scientists agree that that means at least 90 percent of community members must be immunized. Clearly Nevada County falls far below that.We urge everyone, not just parents, to educate themselves about childhood immunizations. There are several web sites we recommend that contain an abundance of information. Four of them are: (Allied Vaccine Group); (Centers for Disease Control, National Immunization Program); (Vaccine Education Center); and (Immunization Action Coalition). These sites have links to other sites.By protecting our children against disease, we are protecting our community.Joe Iser, M.D., DrPHDirector, Department of Public HealthNevada County Health OfficerCynthia Schuetz, MPH, PhDCommunity Health Education ConsultantFirst 5 Nevada County

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