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Readers write

Creating a permanent community college in our own backyard is good for families. As a mother of two girls under 10, and director of the Kidzone Museum, I look forward to the many benefits and opportunities Sierra College’s permanent Truckee campus would bring to our area. One important benefit I see a campus providing is support to our teachers and child care providers. Sierra College currently offers child care development classes, but an expanded campus will allow for expanded programs. If teachers and child care providers have local and affordable options for their professional development they will take advantage of the opportunity, ultimately providing better services for our children.Voting yes on Measure H this Nov. 2 is a vote for our teachers, child care providers and local families. Carol Meagher Director Kidzone MuseumVote for a third partyWho should I vote for? As I listen to the political battles going on I worry we don’t have a choice. Listen to Republicans talk about Democrats. If you vote Democrat they will raise your taxes, socialize everything, increase the size of the government and take our rights away.Yet, in the last few years the Republicans have increased the size of our government, increased the size of our debt to an all-time high (we will have to pay that back through increased taxes) and started a war. Listen to the Democrats talk about the Republicans. Vote Republican and they’ll only tax the poor and not the rich and they will start wars everywhere for no particular reason.Yet, if we look at wars such as Viet Nam or World War II we’ll notice there was a Democratic president in charge at the time. In fact, the only time a nuclear bomb was used against humans was under a Democrat president. And I’ll not forget that a few years ago I had a friend who had the privilege to be shot at in Bosnia. Yes, we still have troops there and you can blame our last Democrat president for that. What about the debates? Equal media air time for all political candidates? Wouldn’t it make sense to allow any candidate who qualified for the ballet to participate? I think so, but it doesn’t happen. In fact, during the last presidential elections the only other candidate to make it onto the ballet in all 50 states (no, it wasn’t Nader) showed up to one of the debates and was arrested for trespassing. If you’d like more wars, higher taxes, fewer rights, and more regulations, keep voting for a Republican or Democrat. If you’d like to send a message, vote for a third party. They might not win, but if enough people vote for third party candidates the message will come across. If you think our founding fathers fought and died to make our country great then vote Libertarian. They are the only party that recognizes and will defend the Constitution that made our country great.Dan WarrenTruckee Support SusmanI would like to express my support for Josh Susman in his re-election campaign to town council. I first met Josh in 1998, when I was working with the committee that helped develop the KidZone indoor play center, and was immediately impressed with both his sincerity and his interest in making Truckee a great place for children and families. Josh has a quality rare in public service these days – an open mind. Over the years I have again and again found him willing to listen to and entertain new perspectives on tired topics. He is flexible, honest, and an independent thinker on controversial topics such as affordable housing and protection of the environment. As a parent, I am grateful for his hard work on the school budget crisis. Like many parents, he has supported keeping school dollars in the classroom, and I admire the fact that he’s not afraid to say so. I hope you join me in voting for Josh on Nov. 2. He represents the kind of independent voice Truckee needs.Jackie GinleyTruckeeGreen knows the ropesSince 1988, I have been appointed by and served six different 5th District (Truckee area) Nevada County Supervisors on the county’s advisory Fish and Wildlife Commission. While all supervisors had an understanding of the role of the unique natural resources heritage we enjoy, Barbara Green is distinguished by not only building upon the efforts of her predecessors but by passionately engaging stubborn problems. Barbara understands that a healthy natural environment and local economy are not exclusive concepts; that both are essential for our quality of life, maintenance of property values, and allowing a lifestyle that has disappeared in much of urban California.As our supervisor, Barbara assured that Nevada County diligently supported and lobbied to keep Sagehen Field Station open as a premier teaching and research facility in the Sierra Nevada. This year Sagehen celebrated its 52nd anniversary and was formally made a part of the Natural Reserve System of the University of California – a world-class designation. She chairs the Truckee Basin Water Group whose membership includes Truckee-area water purveyors, anglers, homeowner associations, organized recreationists, and others intent on assuring lake/reservoir levels and stream flows are maintained under the pending Truckee River Operating Agreement that do not compromise California water rights or impair the local economy. Since 1994, the group has provided input to our designated negotiators, the State Department of Water Resources. Without this organization decisions would likely have been made in Sacramento, perhaps to the detriment of local interests. Barbara Green’s candidacy for Truckee Town Council brings a strong understanding of the mandated responsibilities of local, state, and federal agencies and how they need to work together to solve problems instead of being adversarial. She deserves your vote for town council on Nov. 2.Ray ButlerTruckeeGreen is responsiveI shared an office with Barbara Green for a year and a half. During this time I had ample opportunity to observe her at work as our county supervisor. Barbara responded to every single phone call that came in from the people that she represents. Not only did she listen to their concerns, she always followed up and worked her hardest to make sure that action was taken to alleviate any problems. I was always impressed at how seriously she takes this part of her job. We would be lucky to have Barbara serve on Truckee Town Council.Beth ChristmanTruckeeSchools benefit with CollinI am submitting this letter in support of incumbent Dan Collin, CPA, for Tahoe Truckee Unified School District School Board trustee. In September 1995, the school district was in the process of changing attendance boundaries for Truckee Elementary due to overcrowding. Many criticized the school district. Dan Collin began attending TTUSD board meetings to find solutions.In 1997, Dan joined the Truckee Elementary Site Council, which provided further insights into public education and site level budget process. He participated in a Placer County Office of Education seminar on site council operations, and he became a member of the district’s Year Round School Committee, gaining knowledge of the district’s growing population.In 1998, Dan became Truckee’s community member on the Priority Committee, gaining knowledge of the districts facilities and finances by “prioritizing” capital and deferred maintenance expenditures for the board of trustees. That same year Dan joined Suzanne Prouty in starting a grassroots movement to pass a facilities bond for the Truckee side of the district. He went on to chair the committee, which passed Measure C.Dan also served as a community member of the district’s advisory group that worked with the Fiscal Crisis Management Assistance Team (FCMAT) when the district’s new superintendent [at the time] brought in the FCMAT to review the district’s pending budget shortfall. In 2000, Dan was elected TTUSD School Board trustee.There are many crucial issues facing the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District, we need proven experience and leadership. Please join me in voting for Dan Collin for school board on Nov. 2.Matt GelsoTruckeeIt’s the jetsAs I read all the letters, pro and con, that relate to the Truckee Airport, my frustration mounts. If I may paraphrase a well known saying, “It’s the jets, stupid.” Why are we told by our current board that there is nothing we can do? Give me five days and I can collect enough money in my Prosser Heights neighborhood to hire a bulldozer and operator to tear up enough of the runway to make landing a jet impossible! There would still be plenty of runway for all the other folks to do their thing. We all hate the jets. Send them to Reno. It’s a beautiful limo ride through the canyon to Truckee. Charlotte ByrneTruckeeSubsidizing the airportI would like to comment on a couple of items in a recent My Turn guest column (“One from CARE will do” Sierra Sun Oct. 1).First, CARE is on record as valuing the airport as an important regional resource. From its inception, CARE’s acknowledged goal has been to preserve the long-term viability of the airport. Other goals are to preserve our small town atmosphere – the very thing that brought most of us here in the first place.The writer wants you to believe that CARE and the candidates it supports have a hidden agenda – to reduce airport operations to the point it disappears by starvation. It is uninformed and irresponsible for the writer, and others, to mischaracterize CARE’s position on the airport. Second, the writer claims jet traffic pays a proportionately high amount of aviation expenses, making it possible for the average person to fly their planes. But the “average” person does not own or fly a plane. Perhaps 2 percent of the local population is affected by this “benefit.” Why should the other 98 percent have to put up with the noise and loss of our small town character?This has been part of the problem with the past and current board all along; the protection of the 2 percent of the community who are pilots and the 2 percent of the visitors who use the airport at the expense of the community as a whole. In the end, the community picks up the real cost in noise and nuisance, a problem that will only worsen in the years ahead unless changes are made.There are three seats open on a five person board. Three like-thinking individuals can affect the way the board behaves. That’s what this so-called “slate” is: three like-thinking individuals. Think for yourselves, folks. Do you want to maintain the quality of life we currently have or watch it erode even further? If you want to maintain our quality of life, your choices should be Kathleen Eagan, Mary Hetherington, and Paul Vatistas. If not, you have other choices. Michael K. FitzpatrickTruckeeDon’t tell meSo tell me about our rural community. My dictionary defines rural as “characteristic of the country, country life or country people.” Truckee is far from rural.Don’t tell me we need a small town, rural airport for our non-rural, rapidly growing town. I know what small town, rural airports are like, and it’s obvious that some candidates don’t.Don’t preach to me about aviation safety when you have no background or experience with the rigorous requirements to keep aircraft and people on the ground safe from mishaps. I’ve experienced 30 years of continual learning about aviation safety. I’ve operated charter jets and Boeing 767s and know that charter jet flightcrews are trained to equal or higher standards than airline crews. You don’t learn about safety in a few hours.Don’t tell me aircraft pollute our atmosphere while diesel trucks and machines spew carcinogens all over Martis Valley. I work on piston and jet aircraft and know that engine manufacturers have spent hundreds of millions to reduce emissions and noise while increasing efficiency.Don’t forget that jets are getting quieter. Learn about Domestic Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (DRVSM) and Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems and how they will naturally phase out old noisy jets much quicker than letters to Congress will.Don’t forget the reasons why more jets come to Truckee Tahoe Airport. They include the airport being a Tahoe gateway, economy of arriving/departing Tahoe when you want to, our over-developing region and time saved by flying. Driving jet traffic away negates freedoms Americans cherish and our constitutional right to travel freely. When you vote, think about who already has the facts and has already become informed. Think about candidates who want the airport to succeed and don’t want to degrade services to the point where the airport becomes a ghost town. Think about who the airport has continually worked with Truckee to reduce noise and resolve land use conflicts.Leigh GoldenTruckeeNot just for pilots A couple of thoughts about the campaign for the seats on the airport board. The pro-pilots only rhetoric about how good the current airport district board is leaves an interesting question: How come none of the endorsements include current board member and candidate Connie Stevens?Dare we say it is because she is a woman, and by not endorsing her there is a chance to have a real “good ole boys” board? A coalition of three male candidates is taking on a coalition of three candidates from CARE that has two women running. Is that what they are afraid of? Or is it the unwritten policy that pilots only can be good board members.I challenge pilots to provide facts and data that support their contention that only pilots can run the airport. But before you answer, you need to remember that our town mayor ran an auto repair shop when he was elected to town council; a restaurant owner is a long time member of the Truckee Sanitation Agency board and a school teacher is on the PUD board.And my personal favorite, the Truckee Cemetery Board, which is composed of four retirees and a respiratory therapist. Using pilot logic, the requirement to serve on that board would have to be that the dead only can apply!I assure you that since my wife is the RT, she is very much alive, as are the retirees. They are just willing to meet once a month, put in hours of their own time and serve the community for the community. Just go up to the cemetery and see all the improvements accomplished this summer – not bad for a bunch of live people. Our town has survived because people are willing to serve the community, not to just serve themselves.Bryan E DeVoeTruckee

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