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Readers Write

In a “My Turn” column of April 11 (“Paving the Legacy Trail caters to the Spandex-set” Sierra Sun), the writer claims that a paved Truckee River trail will mean “…there will be 100 percent paved trails in our town…”

Obviously, the writer is unaware that less than 100 yards from his home is a new trail called the Stockrest Springs trail. It is being built by the Forest Service with the assistance of dozens of very hard-working, sometimes Spandex-clad, volunteers from the Truckee Trails Foundation and will soon link the writer’s backyard in Olympic Heights with Downtown Truckee. It is one of the dozens of earthen trails that are included in the Trailways and Bikeways Master Plan currently being updated by the Town of Truckee. The writer is welcome to join us in working on this trail should he be willing to put down his poison pen and grab a shovel during a future work day.

Information about Trails Foundation workdays will soon be updated on our Web site,

Mike Blide


As the Principal of Truckee High School, I object to the language used in Jim Porter’s April 6 “Law Review” column (“Feeling ‘the burn’ not always good”). –

The Sierra Sun is often used in our classrooms, as an educational reference, as are several other newspapers. I am disappointed and very concerned that the language in this editorial column is exactly the kind of language we discourage in our classrooms ” both verbal and written.

For some reason ” perhaps because Mr. Porter is quoting someone else ” this language is tolerated on the editorial page. There are two objectionable references in this article which I find offensive and would not want any child to read without parental consent. The references add no value to the article and could have easily have been omitted.

In the future, I hope that references such as these will be “edited” for your general audience. If these types of references continue, I would need to caution my teachers regarding using this paper as a classroom teaching tool.

Jay Cunningham

Principal, Tahoe Truckee High School

This opinion concerns the article of April 9, 2007 (“History’s sins” Sierra Sun) regarding the call for an apology to the Chinese people. The local, guilt-ridden pastors apparently have so much time on their hands that they propose to rally us all to apologize to the Chinese people for the treatment that they received from the residents who lived in the Truckee area in the late 1800s. They also want the 14-year-old “Town of Truckee” to apologize for deeds that occurred well over 100 years ago.

Don’t they have any significant work to do ministering to their flocks? This is divisive, political showmanship, pure and simple. Please stop your grandstanding and realize that history is, basically, a chronological record of the mistakes of the past. Learn from that history, but there is no need to assume the burden of the actions of people who are long gone against victims who are also long gone. However, if the action of atonement stills seems necessary, maybe we should first start with the more significant, church-condoned actions against witches burned at the stake, indians infected by smallpox-laden blankets and enslaved Afro-Americans.

Where will it end; is everyone a victim? I spend enough time apologizing for the dumb things that I personally do than to carry the sanctimonious burden of the actions of unrelated people who happened to have lived in the same in the same town that I find myself.

Norm Justesen


-I’m the project representative for the Joerger Ranch development of PC-3 in Truckee. Our team was concerned to read the letter to the editor (“Joerger Ranch not green” April 6 Sierra Sun) from Greg Jones. Many members of the community know Mr. Jones as executive director of the Sierra Green Building Association (SiGBA). Mr. Jones’ letter stated Joerger Ranch will not incorporate green building principles.

Actually, Joerger Ranch is committed to employing green building techniques. Members of the project team have stated these intentions in public meetings and in meetings with Town of Truckee. It’s unfortunate that the executive director of SiGBA, nor anyone else representing SiGBA, didn’t contact us before distributing incorrect information about the project.

Mr. Jones’ letter was particularly disconcerting given the leadership role in green building that my firm, Ward-Young Architects, has taken in the Truckee area. For example, we designed the first building to achieve LEED certification in Truckee, currently have another Truckee building in the LEED certification process, and we’re finishing the design of the new Truckee Ranger District office building and the Lassen Visitors Center at Lassen National Park, both designed to attain LEED Silver certification.-

My firm is a member of SiGBA and provides financial and other support to SiGBA. I serve on the Town of Truckee’s Green Building Committee. In addition, Sacramento-based Nadel Architects, a firm also working on Joerger Ranch, as well as my firm, have LEED accredited professionals on our staffs.

The Joerger Ranch project team brings long and extensive green building experience to this project and intends to incorporate green design principles in site development and building design throughout Joerger Ranch. While the design of the project in early stages, we have begun to incorporate energy and resource saving and enhancing design elements, and we will incorporate more green building principles as the design develops. —

We appreciate the opportunity to set the record straight and trust that SiGBA will take action in the future to supply its members and the public with correct information about Joerger Ranch and other proposed developments in our community.

Larry Young, A.I.A.

Ward-Young Architects

In the recent town hall meeting in Truckee, Rep. John Doolittle stated the opinion: “I am very much opposed to the Kyoto protocol, I do not believe in the hysteria surrounding global warming.”

I am curious as one of his constituents, does he base his vote upon his personal beliefs or does he vote based upon the majority of his constituency?

I was a bit alarmed to hear his personal beliefs mixed into what I assume to be his political pursuits. Please set my mind at ease regarding this matter. I believe our district’s demographics back up supporting the initiatives to halt or reverse global warming.

Anne Greenwood


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