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Readers Write

The wave of proposed development in Tahoe Vista is a massive change in the character of this one-square-mile community, and both the county and TRPA need to find a way to work with local people on a big-picture approach to the development of the area. The current approach of looking at each Tahoe Vista project in isolation is seeing all the “trees,” and completely missing the “forest.”

The TRPA’s Pathway 2007 process has shown that the Placer community in the Basin wants to see more investment going into Kings Beach to help revitalize that local economy, and this has been reinforced in all the associated public meetings to date. Importantly, there has been no push for more development in Tahoe Vista ” rather the opposite, as it already has too much going on.

Our county and TRPA planners need to find a way to meet with the businesses and residents of Tahoe Vista so as to find a way to scale down and better manage the pace of development in this area. The goal should be to look at the overall effect (the forest) rather than individual projects in isolation (the trees). There has to be a reasonable way to do this that meets the needs of investors and developers and the needs of local people. For our planners to invest their time and efforts in talking to one group, while largely ignoring the other, is surely a recipe for disaster.

Paul Vatistas

Tahoe City

I appreciate the letter writer’s comments stated in “Paving the Legacy Trail caters to the Spandex set.” (Letter to the editor Sierra Sun April 11) As an avid bicyclist, I suppose there is much in his letter to which I could take exception. I have been riding, touring, racing and ” yes ” bicycle commuting for well over 30 years, logging many tens of thousands of miles. As a Glenshire resident, I find myself riding Glenshire Drive, which even for an experienced and hardened road cyclist can be a bit harrowing. If I had my personal preference, I’d have the town put decent shoulders on Glenshire Drive and surface the Legacy Trail however the majority of town folk desire. But, even paved shoulders are not suitable for kids on bikes or people on roller blades or mom’s pushing baby buggies. Considering this, and since I have heard no rumblings of new shoulders on Glenshire Drive in the near future, I would certainly support the paving of the Legacy Trail to make it practical for more people to use, and so that I and others don’t have to commute Glenshire Drive. My final comment with regard to the letter to the editor is to commend him on his choice of roll models for bicyclists. If you have to be classified as a “wannabe,” who better to wannabe than Lance Armstrong? A cancer survivor and one of the finest athletes in the world ” count me in as a Lance wannabe.

Larry Sage


I am writing in concern of global warming and the little things we can do to help slow it down. Fluorescent bulbs that are up to five times more efficient and last several times longer than incandescent bulbs could be the key. If every American switched to just one bulb, the country would save $8 billion in energy costs and eliminate two million cars’ worth of greenhouse gases. Fluorescent lights would also reduce personal power bills because regular bulbs use 90 percent of their energy on heat and just 10 percent on light. On the other hand, fluorescent bulbs use 10 percent of their energy on heat and 90 percent on light, which is the real purpose, right?

Many people don’t buy these bulbs because they are more expensive than the incandescent bulbs at the point of purchase. But in the long run the fluorescent bulb lasts much longer, so they are actually cheaper. In the amount of time a fluorescent bulb lasts you would have bought four to five incandescent bulbs.

Please help save the environment by switching bulbs to fluorescent and encourage others to do the same.

Mariah Dodge

North Tahoe Middle School

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