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Readers Write

Do we have any say in the Tahoe City Marina garage project? It appears from reading the April 17 Sierra Sun article (“Parking pains”) that the marina garage project is still going forward, notwithstanding substantial objections from the public. It’s not even clear if the Redevelopment Agency should be spending its recently received money on a new garage in the first place. Some people believe the money and the Redevelopment Agency’s efforts should be spent on blighted areas and replacing eye-sore buildings and the like.

There are other parking solutions, such as the recently built and totally empty parking lot just a few minutes walk on Jackpine Street. And how about the low-use parking lot adjacent to the Lighthouse Center? And what does the previously completed study, upon which the agency is relying and willing to spend $14 million, say about attacking the problem with better public transportation, using buses and small shuttles?

We attended the last public hearing and, after reading the April 17 article, feel the meeting was nothing more than a government agency going through the mandatory public hearings, knowing they were going to proceed full speed ahead anyway, notwithstanding the public outcry.

Ron and Sally Grassi

Tahoe City

This is probably an unpopular sentiment, but…

According to the latest available CDC data in 2004, there were 11,624 firearm-related homicides in the U.S. ” 226 children under 15. How many per day? Yep, 32. While I understand the symbolism of flying the flag at half staff as a tribute to the victims of the recent massacre, the reality is that this is, effectively, a daily occurrence in our “peace loving” country. Perhaps we could be somewhat more selective with the tributes we pay with the flag?

Andrew Terry


I was just reflecting on the “My Turn” guest column (“This war is our war, these are our troops” Sierra Sun April 4) about a discussion the writer had with her children regarding the war. I feel very strongly that it is exactly her point of view that creates killers like the one in Virginia. She is teaching her children it is better to use our bombs not “our words.” There are big problems in this world, even in our wonderful country, but to say it is better for one culture to feel the pains of war over another is absurd.

Why not find a way to save all mothers, fathers and children from the destruction of war. Please start a dialogue that asks the question how and what will it take to have compassion for every living being on this Earth, including “our enemies.”

Saskia Lontz


I am writing in response to the opinions stated in an April 9 letter to the editor (“When is affordable housing not?”) on the affordable housing project slated for Tahoe Vista.

Although the letter writer seems to have done a bit of research on affordable housing projects and ranks them by his own valuation, his opinion seems all too fear-based. It is apparent that he is making the stink of a classic NIMBY, or Not In My Back Yard.

It’s OK for these projects to be built in Truckee, but not in the writer’s back yard. If you don’t agree that the Vista Village project in your neighborhood is necessary and urgent, then will you be willing to pony up the difference in housing costs of existing housing for the needs of permanent residents of your area that serve you in say, health care and emergency services, such as nurses, paramedics, fire and police personnel?

I am sure you are aware that these individuals are also candidates for the affordable housing model, and probably won’t be increasing the crime rate in your area anytime soon.

Instead of being so critical and fearful of the process, I suggest you become more involved than just writing opinion pieces.

As for the developers, affordable housing agencies and concerned citizens involved, I suggest reading “The Pattern Language” (Oxford University Press, 1977, Christopher Alexander, Sara Ishikawa and Murray Silverstein), specifically Chapter 14, the Identifiable Neighborhood.

There are many proven and insightful philosophies on towns, buildings and construction in this book. A valuable resource for any community.

Dan Hikel


Seems Rep. Doolittle’s, R-Roseville, home and his wife’s consulting business were raided by the FBI last week pertaining to Doolittle’s relationship with convicted lobbyist Jack Abramhoff.

I would think the Sierra Sun would be interested in covering this story, given that he’s our elected representative.

More here:

Derrell Piper

Tahoe Vista

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