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Readers Write

We want to tell you how much your caring and compassion has meant to us during this difficult time with Trevor. As you may know by now Trevor died Wednesday morning. His little body simply would not allow him to go into remission. One cannot have a bone marrow transplant unless he is in remission. His mom, dad and sisters were with him while he peacefully left this world.-

It is heartbreaking to think of how difficult this is for those who loved him the most, but we glad to have been able to see how much we all clearly love one another. The human spirit is truly loving and good! That sense of belonging to one another is the most fundamental piece of what makes sense of Trevor’s brief life. Because of him, many lives will be saved through marrow donation. Just as importantly, it makes the life that couldn’t be saved really meaningful. Trevor was only 6 months old and so small, but his legacy will, I’m totally sure, be one of several lifetimes, and bigger than all of us combined.-

So to you, dear friend, we say thank you from Trevor and from his family… and especially from the two of us. He’s brought us together with a common mission all across the country. Please know we are all fine, saddened, of course, but moving forward to continue Trevor’s love and mission.

If you can and if you have not, please get tissue-typed and become part of The National Marrow Donor Program. It is truly the greatest gift you can give, the gift of life.Today you are all in our thoughts of gratitude and love.-

Ken and Linda Kott

Every time I read about plans for yet another roundabout in the Tahoe-Truckee are, I cringe. Someone must be making money from these because they are not a good idea. If everyone who visited Tahoe understood how roundabouts worked then that would make them function as they should. However, a large majority does not. I personally use my turn signal to indicate to other drivers I am continuing into the roundabout. Over half the time, whether I signal or not, someone almost hits me. Roundabouts create confusion and consequentially danger. Stop lights may stop traffic but people understand them and for that reason they are safer than roundabouts. Tahoe needs to make its intersections safe, not profitable as I belief roundabouts are to someone involved in their planning.

John Abernethy


I was gratified to read the guest column (“Confusion and concern over housing” Sierra Sun April 25) regarding the affordable workforce housing developments in Truckee and North Tahoe. The writer’s argument supports what I have intuited for years, but did not possess the facts to substantiate. We must all refuse to buy into the kind of narrow and divisive thinking that attempts to draw connections between workforce housing and inner-city “projects,” and to incite concerns about increased crime, drug use and violence.

The writer rightly notes that we should be proud to live in a community that takes issues of workforce housing seriously, and seeks to improve living conditions for all its members. Thank you for offering reasoned discourse that speaks to the best in us, rather than emotional appeals that only serve to stir up the worst.

Lore’ McLaren


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