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Readers Write

I would just like to say that I think and many others do to that closing the Truckee River to bait fishing is a great move in the right direction. The Truckee is a fantastic fishery and bait fishing can only harm this valuable resource. It is impossible to practice catch and release or even selective harvesting when a fish is caught with bait. If you try to release a fish caught with bait it will probably die because they swallow the hook. Fish caught with flies or lures are hooked in or on the mouth and can be released to be caught again. The other great thing that comes with this new law is that we may see a reduction of litter on the river. The days of worm containers, Power Bait jars and empty beer cans may be over. I also believe that the majority of the anglers I see on the river are fly fisherman and not folks sitting in lawn chairs with bells on the end of their poles. Bait belongs on the lakes where the trout are stocked, not on the river where wild fish swim. All I can say is its about time. Ryan Matt Truckee

Ive noticed local mountains of the Tahoe area evolving from small lodges and lifts to super resorts. As expected, the locals can be overrun with Prada-wearing snobs faster than clouds roll in. This has become a standard that local skiers and snowboarders have learned to deal with. The weekends will always be crowded and weve accepted it. However, lately the ski slopes have been transforming into cat walks boasting the latest fashion trends.Do pants sagged below the knees really keep snow out of the gluteus area? Having 12 bandanas dangling around doesnt help rail skills. It seems that the original mentality of snowboarding is getting buried under the quest for sponsorship and big-business money. Riders are doing anything to stand out and hopefully get their name out into the corporate realm of snowboarding. What happened to riding with pals just for the sake of being up in the mountains? On some days thats not even possible. There are so many contests going on that its hard to slide anywhere without nailing someone. On days like this it feels more like playing a game of checkers than actually snowboarding. Doing a lot of contests is how people get sponsored, and sponsors bring in big money for the resorts, so resorts love contests.Northstar-at-Tahoe is known for having one of the best terrain parks in the Tahoe area. But it lost a lot of its local rider credibility once they started building a Ritz Carlton. Soon there will be cappuccino machines at the bottom of every run. The Northstar scene in is striving to becoming what Aspen is a high-roller hotel/spa/golf/ski resort. Slowly but surely limos will become a frequent sight in Tahoe and the old Subarus of the locals could become a thing of the past. I miss when you knew every employee at the local resort. They knew you so well they let you on lift with or without a ticket. Unfortunately money is king, and it looks like snow sports are becoming its humble servant. Toby O’Brien Reno

I read with interest the editorial regarding the potential new deal for Crystal Bay.There is no question that the Crystal Bay corridor is in need of significant improvements and up-dating, and I know absolutely nothing about the proposed partnership that would put so many Crystal Bay properties under a single ownership, but I certainly question whether such a plan would result in the profound benefits the writer so breathlessly anticipates.Throughout too many levels of our society, from news services to housing to publishing to health care, consolidation of ownership is resulting in tepid uniformity and banal homogeneity, bereft of creativity and vision. Consolidation eliminates the impetus of competition, and all too often merely entrenches the tendencies to play to the lowest common denominator and avoid the risks inherent to innovation.I admit to a limited knowledge of Crystal Bays, but what little I do know would seem to indicate that the patina of Crystal Bays hey-dey (sic) years, so extolled by the writer, was the result of individual originality mixed with a strong dose of creative competition. I look forward to a re-vitalized and environmentally sound Crystal Bay corridor; I do not look forward to an adult Disneyland where everything looks the same, sounds the same, smells the same and tastes the same. Lets hope any ownership partnership that is formed to develop Crystal Bay is able to move forward with a novel, eclectic and visionary approach.Lore’ McLaren Truckee

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