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Readers Write

Its so predictable, its happened time and time again. It was a quiet sunny day, and am enjoying some time on my front porch. Then as if out of no-where the sirens are blaring. I could feel it in my gut that this was an all-too-common occurrence. In due time the emergency helicopter was circling overhead for touchdown in Kings Beach.Another pedestrian had been hit crossing the street. I didn’t need to be there to know what was going on.This is not just a safety issue, the purpose and need of the Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project is to improve pedestrian and bicycle mobility, implement water quality projects, create scenic enhancements and work towards attainment of TRPA thresholds. The project isn’t about any one of these needs its about all of them. And although not specifically cited, much of this goes also hand-in-hand with traffic. I have been a resident of Kings Beach for over three years now, most of which I have anticipated and researched the alternatives presented to us. I don’t jump to conclusions. I’ll do my own homework and look to the experts for advice. As such I have spent days and weeks of my time in hopes of a better Kings Beach. Then the EIR came out, requiring many more hours of my time. Kings Beach has great potential to be successful and different, a model of a walkable community. Oh, and a nice beach to boot. There are countless examples of how wide sidewalks and backstreet parking can create a vibrant downtown. I am pleased to see the Sierra Sun understands and has done their homework too. Specifically I support Alternative 4 with no disregard. Built-in traffic calming and design flexibility are some of the aspects that make Alternative 4 excel. And despite what the critics say this does not mean no parking. The public needs to stay involved and come to the public workshop on May 29. Learn something new or voice support. This is not doom and gloom, it is opportunity.Mike LefrancoisKings Beach

I fully endorse Mr. Doolittles desire for a presumption of innocence. Under our Constitution (which the Congressman has worked overtime to undermine via the Patriot Act and many other pieces of Republican-sponsored legislation) everyone is entitled to a presumption of innocence.However, what Mr. Doolittle seems to be objecting to is a legally obtained and legally enforced search warrant. According to the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, judges cannot authorize search warrants unless there is probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation [of a law enforcement officer], in other words, there must be a legitimate basis to believe some crime has been committed.Methinks, Doolittle doth protest too much. Jennifer MontgomerySoda Springs

To pave, or not to pave, that is the question concerning the Legacy Trail. It has split the community over this issue mainly because of environmental impacts and the color of asphalt running thru the forest. I cannot believe that this is a problem, because the paving can be done in concrete colored brown to match the environment and the dirt. It will look like a dirt trail, but will last for at last 20 to 30 years. Follow this Web site address, it goes to a company who does this for a living. CooleyTruckee

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