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Readers write

I let my personal opinion show in my Oct. 8 Friends of the Library column, and I’m sorry if I offended you. Many of you believe that I write for the Truckee Branch of the County Library system; but I don’t write for the county. The column comes from the Friends of the Truckee Library, and I have never been paid by the Nevada County Library, the Friends of the Library or the Sierra Sun for writing the column.The Friends work for the good for our public library. We are a diverse and apolitical nonprofit group who support the library by providing volunteer effort and funds for children’s programs, cultural events, best sellers, the garden project and passing the sales tax measure, as well as advocating for and promoting our public library. These are all services that the county can’t provide because of funding or policy constraints.Pam McAdooTruckeeSay pleaseI would like to comment on the My Turn column (“Working to get the word out on airport noise” Sierra Sun Oct. 20) by Dave Gotschall, Truckee Tahoe Airport general manger, where he lists what the airport has done with regard to instituting no fewer than 24 airport “noise mitigation measures” as he calls them. If you read this exhausting list carefully, you find no enforceable “measures” at all. Instead you find mostly unenforceable suggestions such as “voluntary” curfew, “recommended” flight rules, “information” pages, “requesting” pilots follow noise procedures, “outreach” efforts, “educating” flight instructors about noise procedures, “contacting” pilots about this, “discouraging” that, and “reviewing” the other thing. To quote a clever hamburger advertisement from years past, “Where’s the Beef?”What the column appears to say is that the airport is merely asking pilots nicely to please not make so much noise. None of the so-called noise abatement “measures” listed in the column actually requires pilots to do anything to reduce noise. The reality is that pilots can still fly anywhere they bloody-well please (and they do) no matter how often the airport says “please.”By the way, for those who compare the airport noise to the railroad or the freeway, I would ask when the last time was that a box car or a semi-tractor flew over your house? It ain’t the same!Dick PennimanTruckee Doing what he lovedWe didn’t know Pete Jeffalone, but we do have a lasting vision of him seared in our memories. Pete died riding his antique bike up Donner Summit on Sept. 25. (“North Shore stalwart dies ascending old Highway 40” Sierra Sun Sept. 29). As we were riding downhill that day, we saw Pete on the side of Old Highway 40 with his “penny-farthing” bike, wearing vintage cycling knickers and a wool cap. He was standing about 100 yards below his final destination in life, grinning broadly and waving to all the ascending and descending cyclists. By the time we rode up again, a helicopter and emergency vehicles were already on the scene. Pete was one of the fortunate ones. He died doing what he loved, surrounded by like-minded friends and acquaintances, in one of the most beautiful places in the world. We should all be so lucky. Tom and Louise BurnsSoda Springs

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