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Readers Write

As a former citizen of the Town of Truckee, the proposed development on Donner Summit has just recently come to my attention, and I must say it is pretty sad. What possible benefits come to the locals of Donner Summit, Truckee and surrounding areas from any development up there? Unless increased noise, traffic, crime, trash, and irreparable damage to the environment are considered beneficial in todays society.Just what the area needs another housing community aimed to accommodate large wallets for two weeks out of the year, while the remainder of the time the once pristine wilderness is now permanently scarred by vacant houses and condos. Houses and condos which will need to repaired every summer from the extreme winter conditions that bless the Summit. What a great waste of natural resources.And proposed lakes! Give me a break. Take a look at the Forest Service map. The large bodies of blue are lakes.It is really saddening to see how senseless over-development is quickly eating away our natural wonders. Not only with the proposed development on Donner Summit, but cities everywhere.Michael DouglasSan Luis Obispo, Calif.

We have an opportunity to help our state government to better represent citizens. A three-pronged package of measures might be approved if enough of us push it: 1)Campaign finance reform: Yes, we may pay more for elections up front but save in the long run by having those elected more represent our needs instead of narrow special interests. Why do you think special interests contribute if they don’t get huge paybacks? 2) Equitable, contiguous election districts set up by a neutral Hoover Commission to replace the politically drawn lizard shaped districts we now have, thus, representatives would accurately reflect their real districts. 3) To reward quality government representatives either eliminate or greatly lengthen term limits so we can re-elect quality people. It is a challenging job if done well, and we need to keep those with quality experience.There it is. A package for more effective government to represent us. Call or write your state representatives and media to encourage the package if you care.Duke Ackerman Truckee

Having spent the past few months intently following the Legacy Trail issue, attending meetings, reading editorials and weighing both sides, I was glad to see the Truckee Town Council come to a unanimous decision of paving the trail. What I was unhappy to hear was the head of the Legacy Foundation, Marshall Lewis, stand before the board and interested community last Thursday night and proclaim that a 2,000-foot section of Phase I is slated to be DG (decomposed granite) initiating a trial phase. This attempt to govern the way the Legacy Trail should be paved is a blatant disregard for those who stood before the town staff/council at both meetings suggesting that the trail continue to be paved with asphalt. I recall most persons, from young to old, desiring to have the trail paved this way. The Sierra Sun Poll (second largest to date) also showed this large majority in favor of paving.The question I have then is, who is exactly in charge? I am under the impression the Legacy Foundation is a non-profit set up by the Rotary Club to dispense aid in building the Legacy project as it deems fit. I am also told the Rotary Club and its actions stand for the benefit of the community. The taxpayers, who will ultimately take the brunt of the bill for paving and upkeep, and voted for the town council, have spoken out. Since this is the case, and there was a unanimous decision, what is the reason for having a DG section when it clearly has not been asked for and the initial section from Brockway to the river is already asphalt? The Legacy/Rotary should forfeit the money to another cause if the desire of the community is not taken into account. I appreciate their hard work, but situations/visions do change over a period of time and altruism should reflect this. If it isnt reflected, then maybe the cause should be transferred to other hands.Randall Ussery Jr. Truckee

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