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Readers Write

Since 1994 Wellspring Counseling Center (formerly T.G.I.F.) has been providing low-cost counseling services to our community and training new therapists as they become local mental health professionals. Many community members needing counseling services are uninsured or underinsured and do not qualify for services provided by county mental health. These are the individuals and families Wellspring has assisted for the past 13 years.We have provided individual, group and family counseling for adults, adolescents and children. Additionally, we have offered programs for drug and alcohol assessment and treatment, anger management and a batterers program, Parent Child Interaction Therapy, group therapy for middle and high school students and community Focus Nights, which provided information for developing mental and emotional wellness. We have collaborated with numerous other related community organizations such as Tahoe Forest Hospital, Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation, Tahoe Womans Services, Great Beginnings, First Five, Nevada County Court and Nevada County Mental Health to provide much needed mental health services for our community.In the last several years grant funding has become much more difficult to obtain and more competitive for small non-profit organizations such as ours. Regretfully, we find ourselves unable to continue our work due to insufficient operating funds. Our Board of Directors and Clinical Staff have been unable to find alternative solutions to persistent financial difficulties despite considerable efforts. Therefore, Wellspring will be closing its doors as of June 30, 2007.Our Board of Directors, staff, therapists and supervisors want to thank you for your understanding and support over the years. Our hope is that in the future new energies and monies can be brought forth, in the Truckee/Tahoe community spirit of resiliency, to develop a creative structure in which comprehensive and affordable mental health services will again be available to all our residents.Linda Long, L.C.S.W.Polly Ryan, M.F.T.Clinical Supervisors at Wellspring Counseling Center

In response to the guest column, Bait or fly: Fishing should be for all (Sierra Sun May 28), there is no debate, only law, and it states that there will be no bait allowed on the Truckee. The law doesnt prevent anglers from using spin tackle on the river, thats perfectly legal. You can even keep a couple fish to eat if you so desire. So the sad little tale about not being able to eat a fish or feed a family is just plain silly. You can still kill fish if you want to, but now it just requires actual skill and effort to do so.As Ive said before: If bait fishing is what you want to do then there are many lakes in the Truckee area that allow bait to be used and they are stocked with trout every year. Kids still have plenty of opportunity to learn to fish. That right has not been taken away from them. My kids fish with me all the time. My four year old is learning to cast a fly rod this summer. We chase trout and bluegill as often as possible. I, however, do agree with the statement that children are not exposed to outdoors anymore, and that is a shame.But this is because our society as a whole has lost its connection with nature. I share the outdoors with my children everyday, and if we want a couple trout for the pan then we can go to the lake. My children will have memories of the outdoors and fishing, and they will grow up with respect for the river and the trout in it. Everyone still has the opportunity to fish the river, thats not gone. To say otherwise is wrong.These new regulations are designed to protect our resources. If the bait fisherman truly care about the trout and river the way they say they do then they should accept this new law and move on. Ryan Matt Truckee

In the 60s Nevada City made a bold move. They poured money into renovating their main street to attract visitors. Neighboring Grass Valley invited in the big box stores, like Walmart, and the main street dried up. Today, visitors flock to Nevada City where the arts and shops are thriving. Grass Valley is still trying to play catch-up.Now Truckee is at a crossroads. Due to soaring rents and paid parking, stores are closing up and down Donner Pass Road. It will soon be a ghost town and all the tourist dollars will head for Northstar Village or Squaw Valley for dinning and high-end shopping.Ironic that two stores the Sierra Sun voted Best in 06, Vrooman Gallery and Bob Roberts Jewelry, have been among the recent fatalities. Most tourists heading for Reno, Northstar or Squaw travel through Truckee. We must greet them with something other than closed shops.Hats off, by the way, to the wonderful shops that have stuck it out. But unless we change our ways we will suffer the same fate as Grass Valley and have to play economic catch-up with the ski villages. Bev Messner Truckee

While grabbing my morning cup of Joe at the local community store, I overheard a gentleman asking the store clerk about the bumper stickers that say Save Donner Summit. His question was this, What is Save Donner Summit?What does it mean? Donner Summit has been the same forever. I wonder what hippie thought this up? Save Donner Summit, whats there to save? Theres nothing here! In response to his question, and which Im sure others are thinking as well, I have this to say: I am not the hippie that thought up the bumper stickers but I understand their existence. To me it means keeping our forests, meadows and water supplies healthy. It means being aware and really looking at the big picture. Working to keep open spaces open, and keeping greed from stripping the wild that is left for our children. Wild spaces and open spaces are becoming rare in this age that we live. I feel it is important to protect and preserve what is left, not mold into lakes and condominiums. To the gentleman who brought this to my attention and to others who are confused. Come up and see why our community is coming together to Save Donner Summit. Its not just a little town with a little store and a post office. Its the open space, the crystal waters, its the future of our children and our childrens children. It deserves to be recognized and it deserves to be protected. Kristy Champagne Soda Springs

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