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Readers Write

Thanks to the Town of Truckee and to the Sierra Sun for their support of the Tour de Nez bike race in Truckee on Friday evening. This was the best-attended event I have ever experienced in Truckee, and one that offered an outstanding opportunity for young professional bike racers to show their stuff before an appreciative audience.

Tom Burns

Soda Springs

Elected people representing us can totally lose contact with the public responsible for selecting them for an office. Some “officials” have become self-serving, money-grabbing, glory-seeking “monsters” once elected. Some know just what to say and then align themselves for their own self interests once elected.

Our problem with Supervisor Bruce Kranz was brazenly apparent at the June 12, 2007 Placer County Board of Supervisors meeting. The Villas at Harborside by developer Nathan Topol on the shorezone of Lake Tahoe had been the center of a heated debate with Tahoe Regional Planning Agency for the past 18 months. One certain fact is that the chair of the TRPA Governing Board, Ms. Motamedi, voiced that TRPA was not going to consider solving Placer County’s problems with the project during their time.

When the project went back to the Placer County supervisors for comment, all that Kranz could state was that any problems with the project, such as the Mitigated Negative Declaration, could have been addressed at the TRPA hearings. The lead agent for the environmental impacts was Placer County. TRPA only had a check-off list.

The “public” was told to discuss environmental impacts with Placer County. So when did the public have the opportunity to do this? Kranz so notified the other supervisors by stating TRPA handled the problems either at the TRPA meeting or he with the TRPA Planners. The vote for the project was 5-0 as Kranz took away our ability to finally have a public process for a California Environmental Quality Act review. Issues such as traffic, parking, mitigated negative declaration and American Disability Act, since the Villas at Harborside are open for public rental, and the “project’s” compliancy never occurred.

Make sure your vote counts, and remember Kranz is running for the Board of Supervisor again in 2008. He has abdicated his responsibility as the lead CEQA agency for developers infringing upon the Tahoe Basin, the official is a disgrace.

Certainly Kranz has problems with appointments to the Planning Commission as noted in the news. We deserve someone who remembers the public who elected him!

James W. Gearhart MD, FACS


Well, there has been a lot of talk on the use of drugs by teenagers today. I believe that most of it is just talk. Look, the truth of the matter is that these kids use drugs for a reason. They may do it just because it’s a shred of happiness in a life full of negativity. Some of the users do them to keep school interesting. You need to focus on not the kids but the dealers. Get them, the people hurting our youth.

I’m sick of seeing my friends get arrested and fined when it could have been prevented if the police force that we “needed” to have did their jobs once in a while and busted all the crank and coke dealers.

Meth is another story. Truckee PD feels that they need to bust kids with pot instead of the kids who deal meth in the school bathrooms. I’ve been in there. I know! I am sorry that you need to read the news to find out what your kid is doing. Trust me there are about maybe 200 kids out of the whole school that are straight-edge (non-users). So Truckee PD, I am not trying to bash you I just want to urge you to help with this problem. Please help my cause. Fight the Dealers not the kids.

Sam Dolphar


Our Secretary of State, Debra Bowen, is conducting a top-to-bottom review of our voting systems in California. Will the people get to observe this review? Apparently not. Bowen claims that due to the proprietary nature of the voting systems, the public will be severely constrained from viewing. (

We are not asking to leave with a printout of the software source code, just to have the same access that Bowen requires counties to provide to the public during the election process. Secretary Bowen said the purpose of the review is designed to restore the people’s confidence in the integrity of our electoral process. Well, Secretary Bowen, my confidence in the electoral process was not in doubt before.

Conducting this review in secret and waiting six months ’till you actually start reviewing any system has put my confidence in your ability in doubt.

Gary Smith

Grass Valley

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