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Readers write

Kings Beach is currently exploding with emotion. Part of this is due to an overwhelming influx of development, which will usher Kings Beach into a more modern era of Lake Tahoe living.

Within the community there seems to be a rift between citizens. Had citizens worked together at earlier stages of the project, the Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project might not be in this divisive place right now. Since the outcome of the town’s future is in such an uncertain place, going forward with the proposed gateway projects in Tahoe Vista/Kings Beach is ill advised.

With the four- or the three-lane project, the vehicle speeds of cars descending into Kings Beach from the Brockway community have not yet been addressed and will continue to distract from the “mountain village” feeling. A roundabout at this location would have powerful traffic-calming effects but would not be advised due to the steep grade in conjunction with icy conditions.-

Something else is suggested. The project on the east end of town should begin a conceptual development, and become incorporated into the roadway. Purchasing the corner lot (the old Swiss Mart/Gas Station) gives us a unique opportunity to add some curvature (horizontal deflection) to the road, which should include a large center island with pedestrian crossing.

Though a slight difficulty is felt by the snowplow, it is completely manageable to have medians in snow country.

The idea is going around insinuating that Kings Beach should turn into the funky beach town, the Santa Cruz of the Sierras. While I loathe little catchy, promotional slogans, I understand the sentiment and wish for Placer to be more progressive (hip) in its downtown designs and to incorporate appropriate traffic-calming methods. I think it will bring appeal to our mountain communities. Make the gateway effective.

Jerry Dinzes

Kings Beach

Last Wednesday at the Truckee Donner Public Utility District meeting, three board members defended their staff’s covering up important information in the coal contract issue last November and December. This was a new low for the board.

Readers may remember that the staff represented this huge project as costing a certain amount, when, in fact, the contract had no cost containment in it at all. Also, the staff misrepresented, or omitted, other important facts in the contract. At the final hearing, when the board, fortunately, decided against the contract, it was brought out by the board’s attorney that costs were not capped and there were other financial risks to the PUD. The public in attendance felt vindicated, in that they had been saying for months that the staff was less than truthful. This was all on local TV.

Wednesday night, board members Hemig, Aguera, and Taylor chastised me for telling them in a private e-mail in December that their staff was incompetent and unethical by hiding information from them and from the public.

I can’t fathom their reasoning. First of all, I was proven to be correct by the events later in December. Second, this was a private e-mail and should not have been made public.

I want the customers of the PUD to remember this next year, when Aguera and Taylor run for reelection. They support an undemocratic process at the PUD.

Bob Johnston


Pile problems

Take note of all the piles of wood surrounding our lake. I would like the paper to bring into focus the severe danger that the U.S. Forest Service has put us in. All of the dry piles of wood circling the lake is a potential catastrophic disaster. Some of these piles have been left for well over eight years. Why isn’t anything being done about this? When talking with some of the local tree services, it was brought to my attention that they have volunteered their service to chip this wood so that the nutrients would go back into the soil. The Forest Service, instead, cuts all of these trees down around the lake, builds huge piles of wood letting them sit for far too many years. Now we have these piles of wood surrounding the lake.

If there would be a fire, there would be no stopping it. Who would take responsibility for these? Not the Forest Service.

Please get the word out. We need to be proactive by holding the Forest Service accountable for their actions. This is a very serious issue.

Victoria Berchtold

Tahoe City

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