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Readers write

What a wonderful service we have here in Truckee. Our fire department offers free chipping of branches. And they come to your home! In fact, they just left mine and it is beginning to look like a lovely (clean) park.

I wish to thank the fire department for such helpful program and Sierra Sun for advising me of it. If every home took advantage of this, the risk of a devastating forest fire would be greatly reduced.

S. Sharee


This is exactly what you can expect to happen when the tree huggers run things. I’m not an expert on forest management but it doesn’t take an expert to see that we have way too much fuel standing around Lake Tahoe and Truckee. Government agencies that should be taking the lead in removing this excess fuel instead expend most of their energies preventing property owners from properly managing the growth on their own property.

I suspect most of the extremist running groups like the Sierra Club would be only too happy to see your forest home burned to the ground so the site can be returned to it’s “natural,” pre-Columbian state. Afterward the Lake Tahoe region can be re-populated with wolves, grizzly bears and Native Americans.

Most of this area ” including my neighborhood, Prosser ” is a fire waiting to happen. It’s just a matter of time and luck.

Environmental groups now are the largest financial force in national, state and local elections having passed the trial lawyers as having the fattest war chest. The trial lawyers will be bringing all those lawsuits after the environmentalist cause the disasters. Thanks to our fine government schools, most young people now regard cutting a tree as a crime similar to killing a family member.

As a native of New Orleans I can assure you that disaster was 100 percent the result of bad government policy. I suspect we can look forward to many similar disasters if we allow public policy to be run by fools.

Prentiss Davis


As you know Foster-Syme is proposing to develop several thousand acres around Serene Lakes. For the human residents it will be a terrible unbalancing of life on the Summit. For the wildlife and plant life it will be a catastrophe. If Foster-Syme is allowed to do what they want they will clear-cut hundreds of acres of beautiful forest and wildlife habitat, and replace it with condominiums, hotels, ski runs and asphalt.

At “Lake Camp” they will also flood the clear-cut areas to create lakes. This is so wrong, words fall short. The Summit has a diverse-yet-fragile eco-system of a wide variety of plant and animal life that will suffer cruelly under the axe of Foster-Syme.

Tens of thousands of trees that have fought for survival for hundreds of years will be destroyed. Breeding grounds will be wiped away. Wildlife movement and migration corridors will be disrupted. Plant life that thrives under the canopy of the pine forest will die off. Wildlife and plants in “Lake Camp” will be drowned.

Forty or 50 years ago when plans were approved to allow building sites on the land, it may have been a right decision based on the values and knowledge at the time. But today, with our understanding of the importance of bio-diversity and ecological balance, and with the threat of global warming, this is a wrong decision. Those outdated plans have to be changed to stay in step with the times.

We, the residents of Donner Summit and the leaders of Placer County, must band together to stop this needless destruction of the forest. This proposed development is wrong for the people who live on the Summit and the people who visit the Summit, but it is especially wrong for the plant and animal life that lives on the summit. Stop it now!

John Palmer

Soda Springs

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