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Readers write

As a neighbor to the Hilltop development (“Sketching the Future” Sierra Sun June 5, 2007) it greatly concerns me that your cover story states that the Hilltop development is an area of 57 acres when town records show it is in fact 33 acres.

A Santa Monica developer who owns most of the Hilltop property has tried since 2001 to include 24 acres that is zoned RRO2 (one house for 5 acres) so that the area can be used for open space calculations and as many as 49 more houses. Every public meeting (estimate 10 in the last six years) has expressed concern to adding this forested southern parcel and the proposed connection road to the hazardous “Dead Man’s Corner” at Palisades and Ponderosa.

Other concerns that have been an issue but not addressed are four-story buildings at 20 units per acre, a traffic study that states it would fail to operate, a roundabout 400 feet from the Brockway traffic light near the Cottonwood exit, the need for four more restaurants and a hotel.

The last proposal even included a sledding hill that would have you trying to sled around a hill. The article states that Hilltop is the furthest along in approval so I would say it is definitely in need of more public input before the proposed 1,000 units is deemed in the best interest of the people and the environment of this great town.

In closing, I believe one development that will have a major impact on downtown is the third access road to Tahoe Donner entering at the post office downtown and the sale of forestry land north of Interstate 80 along the proposed road.

Andrew Esler


On July 4 at approximately 10:15 p.m. approximately 40 to 50 people on Spruce Street were having an illegal fireworks display. When approached and informed that what they were doing was dangerous, they ignored the advice and continued to set off fireworks. We then called the Truckee Police Department and informed them. The response we received was that they were aware of the problem from other calls they received but because there was a traffic jam at the west end of Donner Lake they could not get a unit to Spruce Street.

I am amazed that the Truckee Police Department did not have the foresight to place a unit within the west end of the lake to respond to calls on the Fourth. Was it a surprise to the Truckee Police Department that there might be a traffic jam at the West end of the lake on the Fourth of July?

The residents of the west end of the lake were put at risk of fire because of irresponsible people on Spruce Street and lack of good prior planning by the Truckee Police Department.

Edward T. Hilbert


In response to your article “Reclaiming the River” on July 6, and specifically the statement given by Bric Haley, manager of River Ranch, “people who are drinking on the river aren’t good stewards.” That statement is rash and unfair.

As Tahoe locals, we float the river five to 10 times a year and I drink while I do it. I also bring an extra trash bag for bottles, cans and other trash I find along the way. My point, just because one drinks on the river doesn’t mean they automatically trash it. I take offense to Mr. Haley’s statement and encourage him to educate himself on the fact that drinkers care about the river too. There is such a large volume of people who float the river, there are bound to be idiots. I however am not one of them.

John Abernethy


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