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I read the July 9 guest columns about the Angora Fire by Tim Leslie and Rochelle Nason. Sounds to me like the fire service has been eliminated from fire prevention duties. The duties they still have are second-guessed by several agencies. The goal of the 2003 Fire Summit was to create a fire plan. Fire services did just that but had to hand it over to TRPA. TRPA sat on it for decades and then the Lahontan Water Quality Board killed the plan. To me these agencies need to keep to what they were intended and let the fire service do their work.With so many cooks spoiling the pot, the governor will need to straighten things out.Also, after talking to Tahoe locals I found out there is no emergency broadcast or evacuation plan. On weekends the West Shore traffic is terrible. Think what would happen during an emergency evacuation. Local radio, TV and on-line information stations need to be available.Maybe we need to let Fish and Game , U.S. forestry, state and local fire agencies, law enforcement and the EPA do what they are meant for: Protect against Forest Fires!Gary Sigler Retired fire captain

There’s been much discussion about the traffic impact in the Kings Beach downtown (not quite a mile long) if one of the two round-about alternatives is chosen for the Kings Beach Core Improvement Project. Some have suggested up to 20-30 days a year where traffic through Kings Beach will be severely impacted. Using this worst case scenario it means anywhere from roughly 6 percent to 9 percent of the time we will be inconvenienced traveling through the downtown area. That’s about equal to the inconvenience caused by snow storms during the winter.The town village atmosphere created by the three-lane options will provide walkers and merchants, rather than motorists, an economically active and revitalized retail core 91percent to 94 percent of the time, resulting in new life and excitement to Kings Beach. The four-lane option would provide speeding motorists, along with their cash, to move quickly through Kings Beach endangering the lives of pedestrian and cyclists and cross the state line to deposit their resources. With the three lane options providing those kind of positive odds, why would we want it any other way? Let’s focus on the 91percent options and the benefits they provide.Keith D. VogtTahoe Vista

Political wheels are on a roll. North Tahoe has many changes that will be sure to cause controversy with longtime residents. Government bureaucracy is looking to grow. Infrastructure will be put in place first to support the will of the few. Projects like the Kings Beach downtown redevelopment that will turn four lanes to two lanes with 17-ft wide sidewalks and existing the desire to turn old buildings into new mixed-use residential/commercial structures. This will increase tax dollars to the county. Condominiums upstairs and retail space downstairs; what could be better for developers and county supervisors looking to put their hands in your wallets. Longtime motel owners will sell out to the highest bidders. Street lights and benches along with roundabouts will give it all a scenic appeal, but at what cost? Will we cater to the rich? Can we afford to rent the retail space? Will they drive off the hardware and auto parts stores that the locals need? Will traffic be gridlocked? Then there is the low-income housing that is desired for Tahoe Vista to house the employees of Northstar and the new Crystal Bay projects. It will tax our infrastructure but developers dont want any mitigation fees because its good for the community. Lets not forget the group who thinks that incorporation is the next wave. Wouldn’t it be nice for Tahoe City and Kings Beach to be one city, the City of North Tahoe. Were just a few steps away, we already have a consolidated fire department if we could just consolidate public utility districts! Along with that comes a tax-and-spend government a whole new layer. Don’t you just want to have higher costs? Wouldn’t it just be nice to pay more taxes? Think about it, baseball fields for Tahoe City, bike paths for Agate Bay, a city police department, a mayor, a police chief, a city counsel, a city attorney, a road department, parks and recreation, city fees, parking meters, a jail. Think this isnt possible? Look at Truckee. It’s coming to a North Shore near you. If this isnt your idea of a rural community, then you better pay attention to the NTBA, Placer County and big development. Write your Board of Supervisors and tell them North Tahoe is quite fine the way it is and you don’t want more taxes chasing you out.Randy WilliamsKings Beach

Bonni Sue Hickson, RN has run programs for the disabled in Truckee for over 22 years. She is the director of the National/International Wheelchair Tennis Championships that take place in Reno and Truckee every year and also runs a community-based non-profit that provides integrative care for the disabled and their families. Bonni Sue went in for hip surgery six weeks ago and came out of the surgery paralyzed. She is currently in a hospital in San Francisco. In that time, her landlords have decided to sell her house/office. They will be moving all of her stuff into a storage unit this weekend, but she is in desperate need of some office space. Ideally, if she could find some office space that someone could donate that meets ADA requirements. The Far West Tennis International Tournament will be held in Truckee early September, so it is urgent that she at least find somewhere to set up an office for the next six months or so. I am trying to put out an SOS to the Tahoe/Truckee committee. Bonni Sue has given to her community for many years and my hope is that someone in the community can help by giving back. If you think you can help, please contact to me. Thank you so much for your time. I can be reached by cell at 775-772-0469. C. Brooke WongExecutive DirectorNevada Academy of Family Physicians

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