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Readers write

Driving through Kings Beach on Sunday I was struck by the insanity of four lanes and lights. A left-hand blinker goes on and three big vehicles change lanes simultaneously with little regard for whats coming behind them. Then the chickens that didnt jump lanes get stuck for two minutes while oncoming traffic blocks the turn, only to get stuck 50 feet down the road at the light. I could envision how much better traffic would flow, and especially how much safer everyone would be, after moving to three lanes with roundabouts. Lets just do it. Do it now.Paul CloseTahoe Vista

Next week the Placer County Board of Supervisors and the TRPA board meet here in Tahoe. Most of us who work cannot attend three days of meetings, but there are important issues that will affect the future of our community on the agendas. Some of the decisions made will probably affect you and your neighborhood.The Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project is intended to revitalize Kings Beach, and is bogged down in debate over which road alternative is really best for the economy, the community, and the environment. The county staff, who are paid from your and my tax dollars, need to clearly lay out the pros and cons of each alternative next week so that the level of confusion can be reduced.Both the Placer County board and the TRPA board will be looking to kick off Demonstration Projects as part of the Pathway 2007 process. TRPA staff has promised, No code violations and many developers will be looking to fast-track their favored projects, so selecting the right Demonstration Projects is a real challenge. It is vital that the boards select the right projects not just for our environment, but also for our community. Finally, the Placer County Redevelopment Agency (RDA) will be laying out its strategy for Kings Beach and Tahoe City. RDA funds come directly from taxes paid in this community, may reach as much as $100 million in the coming years, and are designed to remove blight. The RDA needs to explain how it is going to improve the lives of folks who live in and near trailer parks, and to justify its support of a parking lot in Tahoe City before dealing with the real blight in the North Shore.Please make some time to make your voice heard on changes to your neighborhood.Paul VatistasTahoe City

I own a vacation home in the local area and Local Tuesdays proposed by the downtown merchants sounds great. However, as long as I have to pay to park in Truckee as well as pay highly inflated prices for merchandise, I will continue to shop elsewhere as in Reno! C.A. Geiger Cocoa, Fla.

I was walking toward the clinic from the hospital and entered the crosswalk. I took three steps into the crosswalk and saw the Dial-a-Ride at the old Pat and Ollies. You think they would pay more attention as they are a public service, but nooooooo. One more step I might not be writing this.The driver blew past me like he was the police, or did the police get a Dial-a-Ride that no one knows about? I don’t think so. What if I had a child with me? The next time that any driver gets behind that wheel they need to have some training.I have also seen the Dial-a-Ride run the railroad tracks without stopping. What? Is Dial-a-ride just hiring anyone? I think someone needs to look into their driving skills because next time I won’t step back then maybe Dial-a-ride will think twice before hiring just anyone. That’s my opinion, and i will be watching you people very close. Just think i could have been pushing my mother in her wheel chair.Ted WalterscheidTruckee

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