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Readers write

I recently read the article about home birth (A Midwifes Tale Sierra Sun July 20). It was a beautiful article and it was really nice that home birth was put into a positive light and it is nothing to be afraid of. Writing this article might give women another choice they might not have been so comfortable with before. I also wanted to point out that you can also choose to use a midwife and/or a doula and have your baby in a hospital. I had both of my babies at Tahoe Forest Hospital totally natural and had my family there and I was able to use a tub and a ball and anything I wanted to make my experience how I needed it to be. My whole family was there and I was comfortable and had candles and my own music. I actually did not have a doula or a midwife but it is my understanding that if I chose to have one, the hospital is very accommodating to that. It is also my understanding that most hospitals are not so into the midwife thing so we are very fortunate to have such a great community hospital. I thought about having my children at home but for my first one I just wanted to be safe in case something was to go wrong I would already be at the hospital and not have to be transported last minute. I also rent my house and did not want to have my children in a house that I would not necessarily be raising them in. I just wanted to point out that our hospital in Truckee (Tahoe Forest Hospital) is a wonderful place to have a baby. The staff was very respectful of my wish to have a natural birth and there was no pressure to get pain medication or pitocin, I was able to walk around, use an exercise ball, use the tub for laboring, and have my family and friends in the room with me. If a home birth is not an option for you just remember that Tahoe Forest Hospital is a wonderful alternative to have children naturally and comfortably. Ashley Hall Crystal Bay

I want to applaud the Sierra Sun for writing a beautiful story about a home birth (A Midwifes Tale Sierra Sun July 20). Choosing to have a baby at home is often misunderstood in todays society, where we have become trained to believe that the hospital is the only safe and acceptable place to have a baby. I was of that frame of mine with my first child, and had a horrible experience in the hospital, where I believe the doctors were too quick to call a c-section. I vowed never to go through that again, and with my second pregnancy I saw a midwife and doula. Those nine months were a wonderful experience free of fear that taught me a lot about alternative medicine and self-empowerment. My daughter was born last fall in a tub of warm water in the safe and nurturing environment of my living room, surrounded by her family. While a homebirth is not for everyone, and I believe that deciding where to give birth is a very personal decision that has to be right for each woman and her partner, it was right for me. I hope this story opens peoples eyes to homebirth as a viable option, especially for women who previously had a c-section and want to have a VBAC without fighting the doctors. I believe that the right to give birth where and how you chose is a sacred right that belongs to women.Melissa Siig Alpine Meadows

From July 18 through July 22, the Sierra Sun conducted a poll asking Would You Join the North Tahoe Citizen Action Alliance? Respondents were given the choice that 1) Yes, more citizen input needed on plans, 2) No, Placer County doing good job on proposals, or 3) What alliance. This was after an article in July 17 issue Activists Create North Tahoe Group.The results reinforced the reason NTCAA was formed. About 11 percent of local respondents thought the county was doing a good job on proposals. Of the remaining, 49 percent said they would join NTCAA and 40 percent were not familiar with the organization.The NTCAA will provide a citizen voice and better representation for North Shore Lake Tahoe residents and homeowners. It will proactively engage local government agencies, planners, and other key decision-makers that define the future shape of our communities, and work with them to improve the quality of their decisions.NTCAA supports a community development strategy that eliminates blighted conditions, directs the effective expenditure of public funds, integrates community projects for the public good, and develops innovative solutions. NTCAA wants to increase the flow of accurate and timely information to both its members and the public at large, and the group will push for the wise use of taxpayer funds through full disclosure, greater accountability, and increased public scrutiny. If you are one who is not familiar with this organization, you may contact NTCAA on the website at or email, or phone 530-546-8125, for more information.Jerry WotelPresident NTCAATahoe Vista530-546-8125

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