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Readers Write

I read with interest the article on a possible ban on alcohol on holiday weekends. Why just holiday weekends? Isn’t the problem occurring every weekend?

If you are serious about returning the river to the families and not those who ruin it for everyone, then make the ban effective all season long. Those who abuse alcohol don’t need to drive to Tahoe to do it, then drive home ” drunk. Let them stay at home. I wonder just how much they really contribute to the economy of the area, when you consider the expense of picking up after them, and policing them.

Perhaps we are better off without their presence in our community. I do wonder though, just where the funds and manpower are coming from to police the river if this ban is put into effect.

Kill the mouse, no more Mousehole. I have been a 30-year resident of Truckee, and replacing the Mousehole is decades overdue. There have been groups in the past who looked into this, and each one just faded away and obviously nothing was done. This plan of leaving the Mousehole as it is, and drilling a hole for a bike path/ped path is ridiculous and not forward-thinking. It is time to finally make Highway 89 south under the tracks a true bridge-over.

Truckee must remember that this fix will be it for probably 50-years plus. The new bridge for Highway 89 will be for our kids and their kids as they grow up in Truckee. We the policy makers and movers will be long dead in 20 years or so. The Railroad also needs to pay its fair share, as they did in the underpass in the downtown over to West River Street. Caltrans is not free from this as well, as the Mousehole has been on their list for decades. This project should be shared by everyone financially to bring the Mousehole into the 21st Century.

Now think of that, and look at the Mousehole and tell me that leaving it alone and drilling a hole for bikes and peds is 21st Century thinking. It’s time to cut to the chase , dig in, make the decision and get on with it ” NOW.

It was brought to my attention that there was a letter to the editor on July 20 stating a complaint about our Dial a Ride drivers. We at Aztec Transportation Service take great pride in our safety and customer service. We have had several positive articles in the Sierra Sun and were shocked that there was a problem that I was aware of. We would like to speak with this person to identify the time and date this happened so we can have the proper tools to resolve this. We take pride in our vast training and pre-employment qualifications for each driver. We have the highest safety rating with the U.S. Department of Transportation and the California Highway Patrol. Each driver undergoes a rigorous drive test, 16 hours of route training, six-month evaluations, yearly eight-hour retraining and surprise evaluations.

They also are pre-screened for illegal substances and enrolled in a random drug testing program run per DOT regulations. We also have a complaint procedure with strict disciplinary actions to the drivers. We encourage everyone to call us at 530-587-7451 or 775-883-2100 if there are any questions or concerns related to the Truckee Trolley or Dial a Ride. We are a public service, and that is why the people come first.

I appreciate and encourage that “you will be watching” but I would like all citizens of the Town of Truckee to watch and give feedback to me directly. This situation will be addressed in our safety meeting on Friday, so if the person who wrote this could contact me with additional information, I will be able to provide an individualized action, as well as an overall solution.

Aztec Transportation Service

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