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Readers Write

Every season it’s the same ol’ thing: Complaints about bears and garbage. Why is it the ones that do the most complaining are the ones that choose to ignore the countryside we live in. In the city it’s a common thing to put your trash out on the sidewalk the night before pick up. However, Serene Lakes is not a city and we a have a significant amount of large wild animal traffic. It is not a smart or healthy thing to dispose of one’s cans the night before and then be upset about the mess that is found in the morning.

It’s a set up for failure and unfair to the wild ones we share common space with. Would you leave your smelly trash bag open in the kitchen and then leave your dog in for the night, find garbage a strewn all over the house and then kick the dog for being bad? No, I’d hope not!

Unfortunately it seems like this is happening with our bear population; with silly, ignorant people not using their heads and thinking about the big picture instead of their selves. A set up to fail is what it is and its not right. When the call is made to Fish and Game for badly behaved wild animals, do you really think they relocate them? Please use common sense and help preserve what wild life we have left.

An alcohol ban on the Truckee River year-round is an awful idea, as a holiday weekend alcohol ban may be also. In the words of comedian Ron White, “You can’t fix stupid.” People will always find ways to be “un-wise.”

A ban on alcohol would likely create a whole new set of problems. If people can’t bring beer on the river they are going to find ways around it, like switching to hard alcohol, which can be more easily concealed in a flask or water bottle. Some will opt to drink three-plus hours worth of beer in 10 minutes in the parking lot or worse, before they drive to the river. Both scenarios would result in a new level of drunkenness on the river.

Prohibition has never been a viable solution in our society. Check your history. If you want to reduce trash give us more trash cans (one on “Party Island” would be smart).

If you want to change human behavior, good luck. You can’t fix “stupid.”

I agree with almost all, the gist, of Jim Porter’s recent column, as I generally agree and enjoy and am informed by everything Jim pens ” with one exception. I’m referring to his “Letter to former President Bush” and I’m troubled by Jim’s assertion that present President Bush, aka “Shrub” (the late Molly Ivins) invaded Iraq “due to overwhelming evidence of weapons of mass destruction.” As has been well-documented over the past several years this is far from the truth.

Bush has claimed, and continues in so doing, that the existence of WMDs was universally accepted. And members of Congress who voted for the war also cited this intelligence as their justification. But this is historical revisionism. There were many credible contrary claims, i.e. no WMDs, such as by Swedish United Nations head inspector Hans Blix, among others.

The whole thing’s a disaster of unbelievable proportions ” I wanted to use the term beginning with “cluster-” but it probably wouldn’t get printed ” and of which there’s no good solution. But let’s at least tell the correct story.

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