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Readers Write

Regarding the My Turn guest column “Don’t let a sewer run through the Yuba” (Sierra Sun July 30) commentary. The Aug. 19, 2005 Sun article “Demand Up on the Summit” suggests Serene Lakes/Donner Summit property owners were planning to do just that well before Foster-Syme arrived. According to the article almost 800 sewer permit applications were received pending the completion of the current sewage treatment plant expansion project in 2010. That’s almost a 60 percent increase over the 1,400 existing units up there, which implies a proportional increased demand for water supplies and sewage outflows. I trust none of those permit applicants have signs urging us to “Save Donner Summit” from development posted on their lots.

Furthermore, Serene Lakes residents have objected to Foster-Syme raising dams to artificially create waterfront property on the grounds rivers should run free and have asserted that Serena and Dulzura lakes are natural alpine lakes about to be raped via dredging. Then let me suggest they do something about that 6-foot-plus check dam holding back the lakes. Pots shouldn’t be casting aspersions about kettle blackness.

Finally, on Donner Summit one is hardly ever out of sight or hearing of an interstate highway, transcontinental railroad, long distance power line, four existing alpine ski areas with 24-plus lifts, and a big cabin development around artificial lakes whose property owners are planning a considerable amount of construction themselves.

This begs the question: save Donner Summit from what and from who?

There seems to be a reoccurring issue in this town that continues to be overlooked. After leaving the Van Arsdale house, my tears wouldn’t stop. My heart breaks every time I deliver flowers to the families whose loved ones have been lost or injured in an accident.

What I am wondering is why hasn’t something been done to alleviate the accidents that continue to plague the corner of East Alder Creek and Highway 89 north? How many more people is it going to take to make something happen? Let’s make that number 0!

The Schaffner’s Car Seat Safety Awareness is a positive outcome for their unfortunate loss. Please, let’s come together as a community and make Kyle Van Arsdale the last sacrifice that has been made for the sake of keeping everyone safe.

Is there a Web site or a community forum that has been formed that I and others should be aware of to support a positive change happening for this intersection? If anyone has any ideas, suggestions or knows of solutions that have already surfaced, please publish them and e-mail me at or In the meantime, please be extra careful and aware at the above and intersections (and roundabouts) in town.

After arriving to work Monday morning I was made aware of the recent death of fellow co-worker and Prosser Lakeview resident, Kyle Van Arsdale. There was an automobile accident which claimed the life of this young Truckee local while he was on his way to work.

I am writing to comment on the severity of the intersection located at the crossing of East Alder Creek Road and Highway 89 north. It’s all too often that I have experienced tremendous danger while making my commute into work through this intersection. I have to look two or three times each way before crossing. Since the broad turn from Sierraville is completely blind it’s nearly impossible to cross safely and life is left to chance with unnerving odds.

I am unaware of any plans to improve driver safety at the life-threatening intersection known as Alder Creek and Highway 89. After multiple accidents, it appears that a change is in order. A change that will save lives in the future, be it bicyclist, pedestrians, or automobiles.

Are there any considerations being taken by roadway planning agencies to provide safety at this intersection? Will we continue to develop the Prosser area, increase population, and grow our odds for collision?

To whom it may concern: You left your blue ice chest on the picnic bench at the Glenshire bridge parking lot. The contents of this chest are three trout (over the limit I think) and they have been there for at least three weeks. If you’re going to poach fish at least take them home and cook ’em up. Thanks for your stellar outdoor ethics,you’re a shining star.

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