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Readers write

It would have been great if some educational pieces written by Truckee’s open-space experts were printed prior to the “Quick Survey” being printed in the paper. A lot of people aren’t aware that property purchased for open space use deems it as permanent open space, keeping it from being developed forever.

I think we all feel overtaxed on property taxes, but a sales tax measure to buyout open space is a great way to go. The tourists help us pay a great part of our sales tax here, and open space is a main reason for their visiting. Anymore significant development in Truckee and it’s going to become a suburb. The increase in development here is already diminishing quality of life and causing our locals to bail.

There are many open spaces in need of protection: Donner Summit, proposed Canyon Springs site (heart of Glenshire/The Meadows, Juniper Hills, Martis Peak, Cambridge Estates, Elkhorn Ridge, Olympic Heights ), Waddle Ranch (heart of Martis Valley), etc. Since this tax measure may be on formal ballot in the near future, I hope we can all get fully educated and keep an open mind about the sales tax measure. I agree, “tax” is a word we all cringe at, but everything has its plus side, and (sales) tax may be our only way to save at least some of Truckee’s open land.

Lorena Lyn


In response to the letter to the editor “Save Donner Summit from what?” (Sierra Sun Aug. 3) What are we trying to save Donner Summit from? The answer is we are trying to save Donner Summit from becoming another over-developed Disneyland ski resort. And the “who” would be Foster/Syme, the large, Bay Area developers trying to make millions by ruining it forever.

It is true that Donner Summit PUD has been planning a sewer expansion in the future to accommodate the existing developed lots for all of Donner Summit and Sugar Bowl. Yes, there is a small dam at the end of Serene Lakes that has been there before the 1950s. However, Serene Lakes are not “artificial lakes.” They are natural lakes and would still exist without the dam.

Serene Lakes is a community of cabins and homes. The development Foster/Syme is proposing is massively out of scale with the area. “Ski Camp” alone consists of 650 condo/timeshare units, a large hotel, day lodge, shops, restaurants, etc. Larger than Northstar and Squaw Valley villages combined. To create this disaster Rowtan Peak would have to be logged for another ski area ” semi-private ” whose only purpose is to sell real estate. This would put an overwhelming burden on Serene Lakes.

Compounding the problem, Ski Camp is only one of four separate camps planned in Foster/Syme “conservation community.” Parts of Donner Summit have been developed, but development of this proportion will only destroy what is left.

There is still a lot to save on Donner Summit.

Nancy Latimer

Soda Springs

I hope the Sierra Sun article by Jeff Munson and Evan Schladow in Friday’s paper (“President Clinton to attend Tahoe forum”) won’t get read by Senator Hilary Clinton. As first lady under President Bill Clinton for eight years, now Democratic senator from New York, and hoping to be nominated by the Democratic Party in ’08 for a race to become the first woman president with years of many media coverages (both in news and TV) how can think your writers not at least become familiar with the spelling of her first name?

The spelling is Hilary not Hillary. How unattentive can they be while reporting political news? I can’t say I am a supporter of Hilary, but at least you can spell her name correctly. I hope if Senator Obama of Illinois is reviewed in a Sierra Sun column, his name will be spelled correctly. Your columnists may want to read his autobiography, “Dreams of My Father”, and then his newest bestseller, “The Audacity of Hope”, which relates what he hopes he can accomplish through change with whatever he can offer as a senator from Illinois or now recently becoming a candidate for the presidency in ’08 if he is nominated. Those books might be a little harder reading for Munson and Schladow, but please, if you mention Obama in future Sierra Sun articles, will you spell his name right!

Carol Hicks

Kings Beach

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