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Readers Write

Regarding the letter Save Donner Summit from what? on Aug. 3 what drivel! This is the kind of environmental fatalism that is destroying our planet. Just because Donner Summit doesn’t look exactly the same way as it did for the Donner Party doesn’t mean that its environmental degradation to rampant development is inevitable. A small (1,000 homes) community of vacationers does not remotely have the same impact as the new Vail with its deforestation, drainage and runoff problems, sewage and water issues, which clearly overwhelm the capabilities of the harsh but fragile Summit ecosystem. Once a trend of development has started doesn’t mean it has to continue unchecked.Fortunately, as a species we are capable of reflection and changing our minds. Otherwise we would never have developed ideas like democracy, women’s suffrage, and the environmental movement, but continued with the status quo. Why save Donner Summit? Because we only have one world and we can preserve it one place at the time before it’s destroyed. Andrew Kaczynski Soda Springs

We agree with you: That is enough with the studies (Finding room for farmers and concert-goers in Tahoe City Sierra Sun editorial Aug. 10) regarding where to put the farmers market and concerts. It is a Duh solution. Stick it in the 64 acres until a plan for that area is finished. Gridlock there can’t be any worse than Commons Beach since the acreage can handle the cars. Sue Graf Alpine Meadows

Regarding Thomas Elias’s Aug. 12 column, (Medical pot harassment aids illicit use) if health outcomes determined drug laws instead of cultural norms, marijuana would be legal. Unlike alcohol, marijuana has never been shown to cause an overdose death, nor does it share the addictive properties of tobacco. Marijuana can be harmful if abused, but jail cells are inappropriate as health interventions and ineffective as deterrents.The first marijuana laws were enacted in response to Mexican immigration during the early 1900s, despite opposition from the American Medical Association. Dire warnings that marijuana inspires homicidal rages have been counterproductive at best. White Americans did not even begin to smoke pot until a soon-to-be entrenched government bureaucracy began funding reefer-madness propaganda.By raiding voter-approved medical marijuana providers in California, the very same U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration that claims illicit drug use funds terrorism is forcing cancer and AIDS patients into the hands of street dealers. Apparently marijuana prohibition is more important than protecting the country from terrorism.The following Virginia Law Review article offers a good overview of the cultural roots of marijuana legislation: SharpeCommon Sense for Drug PolicyWashington, DC

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