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Readers write

The firefighters who quickly contained the forest fire near the Coast Guard station last week deserve the highest praise from the whole community. Thanks from all of us.Alison WarnesTahoe City

The area starting at Hilltop and below the Sierra Meadows subdivision in Truckee is part of an environmental ecosystem that feds water to the Truckee River watershed. This watershed runs between the Truckee River Regional Park and the Ponderosa Golf Course. The ecosystem turns at the Truckee Pines Apartments, runs through and around the Town of Truckee Corporation Yard to its outlet on the river. I personally watch this area because I know its value to this communitys water resource. This is my neighborhood and this is where I live.On Monday Aug. 6 I found a truck and horse trailer parked in this environmentally sensitive area across the street from the rodeo grounds. I made a personal appeal to the manager of the rodeo that day, not to allow parking in this area because of the nature of the watershed. The rodeo manager stated that she understood my concern and would not allow parking in that area.On Saturday Aug. 11 and Sunday Aug. 12 this area became one huge parking lot for the rodeo event. On Saturday morning I tried to find a responsible party for the Truckee Donner Recreation and Park District to have this practice of parking on this ecosystem stopped. I could not find a responsible park person to deal with this issue.Shame on the district for allowing this to happen. Shame on the rodeo people for parking in this area. This community is very lucky that one of these vehicles did not start a fire in this tall dry grass area.I am requesting that the Truckee Donner Recreation and Park District refrain from using the rodeo grounds until they can resolve this parking issue. Estates Drive is becoming a parking area for all the events held at the park because there is not enough parking. Something must be done. I am tired of my neighborhood being trashed.Dennis A. DickinsonTruckee

I was sickened to see the picture of the bear shot and killed in Incline. How many bears have to die before ignorant and careless humans get the message? You are living in bear country. If you want to be a resident of the Lake Tahoe area, you must realize that you are not the only inhabitants here. We all must share in the responsibility of living together with all wildlife and keeping all creatures wild.A responsible community can almost eliminate bear break-ins and problems, but the effort must be made by all. (We did it where I am!) Get with the program, residents of Incline!Kathryn HoldenLake Tahoe (Spring Creek)

That was a good column Thomas Elias wrote (Medical pot harassment aids illicit use Sierra Sun Aug. 13), however I believe we have a better solution. The lure of easy money is perpetuated by the prohibition on pot. If it was taxed and regulated then the illegal money aspect would be eliminated. This would do more to eradicate these pot farms than any other method. The medical marijuana dispensaries would disappear as the patients could buy directly from a legal source at a much lower price. The quality would be controlled by the ATF(&M) just as our other intoxicants. Growers would be licensed and taxed somewhat like our farmers creating a new legal cash crop. Regulation would bring stability to the market by lowering prices and bring a little bit of sanity to our country. Other benefits would be using the hemp plant on a huge scale for fabrics, food, and many other products.The down side: Many law officers would lose their jobs or be moved to other units maybe the pedophile squad? Some urban ghettos may have an economic collapse as their product is no longer valuable. Terrorist or gangs would no longer profit from marijuana, only tax-paying Americans. Oops, that’s a good thing… ain’t it?More information is available at Also visit (Law enforcement against prohibition) C BuehlerDayton, Nev.

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