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Readers write

I am writing in response to your Aug. 10, 2007, editorial titled “Finding room for farmers and concert-goers in Tahoe City.” Several of the points made in the editorial were valid, however, I totally disagree with your statement that “the pedestrian signal at Fanny Bridge” is one of the culprits causing the standstill which occurs at times down the West Shore.

Many of us on the West Shore have found the opposite to be true. Since the traffic/pedestrian light was installed the traffic has flowed much more easily. The pedestrians have to wait while the cars drive by instead of the cars having to stop for each pedestrian at any time. We may still get the long back-ups, but we do get a better flow of traffic because of the light.

Margy Arthur


Why isn’t the bond measure for a general obligation bond for “all property owners” for Truckee Forest Hospital District being held during the normal election period? Why is it being held by mail in the summer? Because the TFHD knows it would fail during the normal election process?

What about absentee owners? We will be assessed like everyone else and we have no representation in this sneaky mail in ballot process. There is nothing more sneaky than a mail-in ballot. Local property owners, vote no. Make Maia Schneider vet Measure C the normal way in a standard election.

Clayton Dewberry

Walnut Creek

Mr. Syme in an Aug 19, 2007 My Turn sounds like an aggrieved person that no one will talk to. On the contrary, the residents of Serene Lakes have overwhelmingly let he and his partner know we do not want Disneyland on the Donner Summit.

Drive around Serene Lakes and you will see many “Save Donner Summit” signs. In my 11 years at Serene lakes, I have never seen such concerted reaction of the residents. They do not want Mr. Syme to build his mega-resort complexes that he euphemistically calls conservation camps instead of timeshare resorts and dense housing in a serene rural area.

There is not enough water without raping the existing lakes and the existing sewer plant has already had 68 violations of their discharge permit to the South Yuba River struggling to keep the river clean (check out the violations at

Tom Later

Serene Lakes

For someone who wants to talk, Kirk Syme has had remarkably little of substance to say. How does his proposed development affect traffic on the Summit? “Our consultants are working on it.” Where does he expect to find water for his development? “Our consultants are working on it.” How does he expect to handle sewage? “Our consultants are working on it.”

That was what he had to say at the meetings he held in March at the Ice Lakes Lodge. To take him at his word, he had planned a massive commercial development on the Summit, tripling the current housing stock, adding hotels and stores, ski lifts and snow-making, without stopping to think about where the water would come from, or where it would go. The man doesn’t need a “professional facilitator” to help him with “dialogue”; he needs to have something sensible to say.

Mark Schwartz

Serene Lakes

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