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Readers Write

It would be easy, obvious and completely true to say that I support Measure C because I work at Tahoe Forest Hospital, and the passage of Measure C could have a significant impact on my continued employment.But it would also be utterly incomplete.This issue speaks directly to my vision for the future of this community, and for the future of an organization that I have come to love and respect.The importance of Tahoe Forest Hospital to this community cannot be overstated. Just ask anyone who has ever suffered an injury, illness, or gone into labor during a blizzard! TFH must continue to offer crucial health care services, and it must also be able to offer expanded services and new technologies as needs change. The overwhelming success of the new Cancer Center is just one example how expanded services benefit this community.You may not know that the majority of California hospitals lose money each year. We are fortunate that Tahoe Forest Hospital is not among these. However, in spite of our strong financial position, it is not realistic to fund needed upgrades and new services through operating revenues alone. Nor is borrowing the money a viable option, as that would impair the hospitals financial status, and private donations cannot cover the need.I dont view Measure C as an additional tax. I have come to regard Measure C as a personal legacy. By voting in favor of Measure C, I am hoping to provide a gift to the future a gift that will outlive me and keep giving to this community for a long time after I am gone.I cant think of any other situation in which such a small amount of money out-of-pocket could possibly have such a lasting and important impact as the passage of Measure C!Lore McLarenTruckee

Lots of discussion about roundabouts or not. Most of it is based upon well-intended desire to do the right thing. As a relatively recent trend in highway design, most roundabout designers have created Web sites following their construction quantifying their actual before-and-after results. Before commenting, either for or against, Id suggest readers go to the web, spend a few hours, and find out the design facts before deciding. I think youll be surprised!Ray JonesHomewood

Just a few facts to counter the scare tactics, opinion and false information provided in the guest column Not using fire tragedy as a vehicle. Both roundabout alternatives include a center (turn) lane for the entire length of the project. Emergency vehicles will be able to use it and drive over the curb of the round about to get around traffic. A single lane of traffic will slow traffic through Kings Beach, those who drive the speed limit will slow down those who dont. All the alternatives (except do nothing) include bike lanes, crosswalks and sidewalks which will make it safer for bicycles and pedestrians. Look it up, statistics dont lie.David BerryKings Beach

Mr. Dewberry (Why, oh why? Sierra Sun August 24) I think someone should set you straight on a few of your comments against the hospital’s bond measure. If you were proposing a bond issue, when would you float it?When it is most likely to pass or fail? I myself would rather look at one issue than 10 or 20. I am afforded that opportunity by the mail-out ballot. I cannot see how a mail ballot is sneaky, it is actually just a part of the political process. Regarding absentee owners, sorry but you can only vote in one county the one in which you reside. Last but not least no matter who you are, if you or a loved one suffers a medical emergency you will probably want the best treatment your hospital or our hospital has to offer and that is the bottom line. The only real issue here is how much are residents willing to pay for their medical care. There are no free lunches. From the few times I have been to Tahoe Forest Hospital I have been impressed with the level of service provided and I am willing to pay a little more to be sure it is here in the future. My last question to you and all voters is how much do you know about the issue. Make an informed decision based on facts.Tom Combs

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