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Readers Write

I think the thought of a local Helitack Crew for the Truckee/Tahoe area is a great idea. I am sure the costs of funding such an operation will be the biggest concern, but with all the new businesses and homes being built in the area and the increased chance for accidental fire hazards and increased risk for devastating fire storms a Truckee based Helitack Crew would be an invaluable asset to our community for quick initial attack.Cheryl HoganTruckee

In response to the Hospital bond and being sneaky. I wholeheartedly disagree.The Hospital bond is timely as well as necessary. The locals full-time residents would greatly appreciate the same amenities afforded to those that live in the Bay Area, Sacramento, Reno, etc. This measure will allow us to serve the locals as well as the thousands of tourists that visit the Tahoe basin every year with upgraded facilities.Ellie Waller Tahoe Vista resident

It seem very clear to me, that they should of had fire-suppression equipment on both sides of the power line, during there tree trimming operation. The excuse that they couldnt reach their fire suppression equipment is dull and states that their plan was completely insufficient. It seem very clear to anyone with a sixth-grade education, that if you knock down the power line you most likely cant get to the other side.Lets be smart, think, anticipate what is required after the line goes down, like, have fire-suppression equipment on both sides of the right of way, not only one side.Mike FaggTruckee

What I am looking for is a response from a member of the administration at Tahoe Forest Hospital, not the campaign manager, on some questions and reservations I have on Measure C. It is my understanding that TFH is a for profit hospital; if it is, are you in the black, and if you are, why do you need taxpayer dollars for expansion and retro fit? The recently completed expansion ran way over budget, the campaign manager explained that is was mostly due to a rise in concrete and steel prices. I have a problem with that excuse. Contracts of that size should have a built in inflation allowance to cover that possibility, the concrete and steel part of the construction went up at a good pace, but once that was done it took forever to finish the project, why? It has been stated that the measure will only be $9 per 100k of assets value. Looks good, except that you are getting into a long line of possible small tax increases. The county could see a need, the state could see a need, other special districts in our community and pretty soon that $9 per 100k it is four or five times that amount added to out property tax. Why is it necessary for your campaign to use fear tactics: Crowded ERs, hospital could close? The real big concern I have tough is the complete absence of endorsements from the hourly employees. I looked up a few people I know that work there and asked about Measure C and the prevailing response was vote no. They believe that the administration could really do a better job, trim some fat at the top, expanded ER not necessary, affiliate with another hospital on the east or west slope for cancer care and other needs, take care of required earthquake retrofit. Has TFH done in house cost savings, without cutting personnel, before going to the community? I am not trying to start a battle, but the information be presented by your campaign manager just does not work for me. It seems to assume the community will just roll with the request because it is TFH, the info is really lacking info.Bryan E. DeVoeTruckee

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