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Readers Write

I’m writing as a resident of Truckee who uses Tahoe Forest Hospital on a regular basis. As the mother of a very active 13-year-old boy, I have spent more time in the emergency room than I care to remember.

One thing that always strikes me is how lucky we are to have the many services locally that Tahoe Forest Health System provides. From emergency care, to mammograms and OBGYN, I am grateful these trips to the local hospital and various medical departments do not require a trip down to Reno.

I support Measure C primarily because in the past year over 50 hospitals in the State of California have closed their doors due to the inability to pay for retrofitting their buildings to meet state requirements. Most recently Sonoma County Community Hospital, (owned by Sutter), had to close its doors for this reason.

We are talking about a major hospital that provided medical services to a community of 450,000 people. These statistics may help everyone to fully understand how serious the issue of retrofitting is for our little community. If it can happen there ” it can happen here.

This is an important measure for all of us, and one that should be bringing our community together to support. The cost is one we can collectively afford. Losing important medical services locally is something we cannot afford. Please vote on Measure C.

I am not a letter writer. But when I read through Bob Sweigert’s laughably ignorant account of a single CHP officer doing his very best to try to preserve life and property in the midst of chaos, I became livid.

Bob, why don’t you try to close the Wye by yourself in the face of folks who are ignoring and laughing at you. When “curious visitors” clog up our roads to rubberneck a disaster area, it severely hampers rescue, evacuation efforts. Not to mention the emergency personnel and equipment that are trying to get in to the area. If this officer would have closed the Wye at the bridge, these “innocent” people would have turned south on 89 only to be stopped and immediately trapped.

Better to keep folks on SR-28 and SR-89 north of the Wye. “Innocent, surprised citizens?!” Hello!! As if a CHP patrol car parked sideways in the road with lights flashing is not a clue! Give us a break, Bob. More importantly, give these officers who are risking their lives to protect us, often from our own poor judgment, a break. To my fellow residents of Truckee/Tahoe, do not go rubbernecking at a fire. This only makes things worse. Do not go into a fire zone “in spite of the law” as Mr. Sweigert suggests.

Do not become a statistic and end up burning to death only to be mentioned in another one of Mr. Sweigert’s articles bashing the CHP for supposedly taking action the next time. These men and women do the best job they can with what the have to work with; and they do it very professionally. Just use your head and be part of the solution not the problem. And please don’t believe the ignorance of Mr. Sweigert.

The controversy over the Foster/Syme development is because the developer has not proposed realistic plans for water supply (other than destroying beautiful alpine lake) or sewage (adding a huge pollutant load to the Yuba River ” sewage treatment plants do not remove all the organic pollutants, bacteria, viruses and pass through many emerging pollutants like heavy metals ” copper leached from lots of new plumbing, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and the like) and traffic/emergency access impacts (putting a overpass over the railroad addresses a non-problem when the issue is traffic at the US 40-Soda Springs Road junction).

Mr. Syme, in his “my turn” column (“‘Just say no’ harms environmental and community groups” Sierra Sun Aug. 20), refers to March meetings with community members. In those meetings he and Mr. Foster promised to preserve Van Norden Meadow as open space. Are they going to stand behind that promise, or will they dam Van Norden Meadow to provide water and sewage disposal for their proposed development? In pre-application papers filed with Placer County they indicated that a Van Norden dam was one of their options, which contradicted their March promise to the community.

Much to our surprise, a large banner has been placed on the temporary fencing surrounding the former Swiss Mart site at the eastern entrance to Kings Beach on State Route 28. The banner offers thanks to the Placer County Redevelopment Agency for “Revitalizing our Community.”

The former Swiss Mart site was an abandoned gas station, an eyesore full of contamination from leaking fuel tanks. It was an ugly gateway to the beautiful lakeside community of Kings Beach, let alone California. The Agency was able to purchase the site, remove the dilapidated building and begin soil remediation and ground water monitoring. Over the next year as we proceed with the cleanup, we look forward to the day when the site can contribute to the vitality of the Kings Beach community.

It is our understanding that the North Tahoe Business Association (NTBA) is responsible for the banner, we are very grateful for the recognition of the work that we do at Lake Tahoe.

Again, thank you to the NTBA and we look forward to working with the Lake Tahoe communities to achieve environmental, scenic and economic health for the area.

I have been meaning to ask you what is your purpose or rationale behind offering a Spanish section in the Sierra Sun.

My original language is Spanish, but still, I feel you are not helping ‘integration into our culture’ by providing that section during this critical times. The whole country is struggling for cultural integration with our neighbors who choose to migrate. Have you ever heard “When in Rome … do as the Romans do?” I grew up hearing that.

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