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Readers Write

Kirk Syme laments his mistreatment by the residents of the Summit, claiming they don’t want to work with him on his “sensible, reasonable development plans.” And, as if this blessed his absurdly out-of-scope proposal, says he has “met with and heard from hundreds of people.”

The problem, of course, is that his development is neither sensible nor reasonable; having failed to investigate sources of water, he now wants to dredge the community’s source of drinking water, recreation and beauty. And, he wants to double or triple the treated effluent dumped into the South Yuba River.

And while he and Mike Livak have no doubt met with many people ” following the PR playbook to a T ” they have fed those people ever-changing versions of the proposed development and its impact on this small, mountain community, all the while dodging specific queries about water, sewage, traffic and qualify of life.

So, yes Kirk, your disingenuous approach to the Summit community is rejected.

I am a local Hitchhiker. That’s how I get from Glenshire to Truckee everyday. In short its a deathtrap on some of our roads. Brockway is one of the worst! People speed up to get up the hill leading to the roundabout without looking or thinking that there might be something living around the bend. I hear cars, trucks, and sometimes semi’s speed by me giving me hardly a foot to walk!

Hello people it’s called a ! Plus on Glenshire Drive would it kill anyone to start reaching out a hand and giving some kid a ride? It’s quite a long road! If you decide not to help one of the hitchhikers then would you at least not speed right by us and scare the crud out of us?! Thank you for your consideration about this, and please pick us up on the road. My name is Pat Forbes and I’m a worried hitchhiker so slow down we don’t need more of our friends to die.

I am saddened to see the ad, on page 7 of today’s issue (August 22) signed by many business in and around Kings Beach.

They are all in favor of four lanes through town.

Naturally they would be, they are all chasing the almighty buck, and want to snag as many people into their business as possible.

How shortsighted they are!

They are blowing the opportunity to redesign Kings Beach into something we all can be proud of ” some place that people will want to go to shop and-stroll.

If we have four lanes, we have just another South Shore here at North Shore!

Well, I disagree with them! I am a independent businessman, who resides in Kings Beach.-

This is my home, year around!

Why does Kings Beach have to be the only town on the North Shore, along highway 28, with a four-lane highway going through it?

Why can’t there be a two-lane road, with a center turn lane, parking for our visitors and residents alike and sidewalks for visitors and residents to walk along while they visit the shops in town?

Why can’t there be designated crosswalks so people can cross from side to side?

And, while I am not a proponent of roundabouts, there needs to be roundabouts to slow the traffic down.-

While you may not like Tahoe City or Truckee, you must agree that people do go there, they do shop and they do stroll from store to store ” it is a destination, not some place you pass through.

Why must we turn the North Shore ” specifically Kings Beach,-into another South Shore?

I have a brief question for the community. I was in Glenshire last night around 10 p.m., when I encountered at least four Truckee Police Department cruisers attempting to stop a reckless car. I noticed they were travelling, by my estimation, at least 10-15 above the speed limit on both Glenshire Drive and through the neighborhoods.

My question is: Is the enforcement and ultimate goal so necessary that they risk the possible endangerment of the public? I think the cops should be held to the same standard the public does, especially when it comes to speeding through the neighborhoods.

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