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Readers Write

I have been treating my patients at Tahoe Forest Hospital over the last 22 years, delivering over 3,000 babies. I am proud to be a part of this medical community and especially Tahoe Forest Hospital. The quality and breadth of medical care here is amazing for a small community and we are lucky to have such devoted medical, nursing and support staff.

Without Measure C, the ability of our hospital to provide the services it has over the years and can additionally provide in the future is in jeopardy. We cannot use our current maternity department in 6 years due to seismic upgrade requirements. Our emergency room and extended care facilities also are limited because of these requirements. While no one wants to have to travel to Reno for services we can provide here, it is a real threat if we don’t have the facilities in which to work.

Attempting to force all our current services into the newer parts of the hospital is not an option. There is not adequate space or the proper design. We need to make these required upgrades to continue to provide the level and quality of services we have over the last 20+ years.

Tahoe Forest Hospital is a wonderful place to have a baby. We provide a personal level of care not readily available at larger hospitals. We need your help to continue to give this special care to our community. Help us continue this excellent service locally by voting yes on Measure C.

As one member of your Tahoe Forest Hospital District’s elected board of directors, I respectfully ask each of you to vote “YES” on Measure C, thereby directly supporting the future of health care delivery in our North Tahoe region.

No one was more skeptical about a tax assessment when the bond measure was first considered by the board of directors. After extensive community surveys, detailed facilities planning review, and a good hard look at the financial realities of maintaining modern local facilities for the future, I have come to absolutely support Measure C.

Basic health care infrastructure and equipment is hideously expensive. The state and federal governments are cutting funds to hospitals and providers ” and certainly not assisting hospitals with unfunded mandates. Hospitals are indeed closing and cutting back services. Insurance companies do not support the health care interests of our various communities, in fact the opposite is true. Scare tactics?

Respectfully, the answer is no. What I do fear is a future for those who come after us, if we as a community do not band together to support our most valuable community asset”our local hospital system and its ability to be strong in uncertain health care times. We need to take care of our own because help is not coming any time soon from other sources.

Board members are your neighbors, duly elected by you, to explicitly act on your behalf to make complex decisions about where we allocate hospital resources. Not a single meeting goes by when we do not articulate that our mission is solely based on our deep and sacred responsibility to you, the local community. Measure C evolved after we analyzed every conceivable angle to forecast the hospital’s future needs. No abstractions, no pie in the sky stuff. We asked every question that you would ask about a general obligation bond, and were satisfied as a group to support Measure C by unanimous resolution.

Please support your local community hospital, lay aside differences, and Vote “YES” on Measure C.

In January 2006, my son was delivered at Tahoe Forest Hospital during a classic Truckee snowstorm. I am so grateful to have a local hospital with women’s health services ” and I am so glad I didn’t have to drive to Reno.

I know other mothers who have chosen to come to Truckee to deliver their babies, even though they live closer to other hospitals, because of the excellent care and personal attention that our nurses and doctors are able to provide.

Measure C has been placed on the ballot to ensure we continue to have maternity services in our community. If Measure C doesn’t pass, women may have to drive to Reno in the future to deliver their babies.

One of the reasons our community is so special is that it has so much to offer. Not only is it a great place to work and play, it is also a fine place to retire or raise a family. If maternity or pediatric services disappear, I fear we could see a decline in the number of younger residents, which could lead to a loss of many of the services we rely on today. I would like to see our community thrive with a vibrant population of both the young and the young at heart.

I urge you to protect women’s health services and join me in voting “yes” on Measure C.

I live and work in Truckee. I love our community because of the sense of family that I feel when I am out and about enjoying the phenomenal place that we live in. I have had all three of my children at Tahoe Forest Hospital. We have been blessed with good health, however, we occasionally have the need to utilize the emergency department, laboratory or diagnostic imaging services also. I feel lucky to have such a wonderful place to go for my families health-care needs. The staff is consistently caring and competent. I am proud to say that I work with this phenomenal group of individuals every day.

Measure C is imperative for the ongoing building and equipment upgrades necessary to keep our excellent healthcare local. I encourage each of you to vote YES on Measure C.

For 18 years a group of men have been congregating outside of the Kings Beach 7-Eleven to provide many valuable services to the community. While many enjoy the benefits of this “instant” service when they need it, it is a double edge sword. Many complain about the “loitering,” and yet come and ask for these men when they are not outside and visible.

As a business owner and concerned citizen, I have tried for many years to find a solution without success. The local sheriff’s department does not want to be bothered with it, the community wants the services but not the visibility of a large group of men standing around, the tourists laugh when they see it and say “it reminds me of home.”

I value all of my loyal customers. Whether you are from Truckee, Tahoe City, Incline Village, Kings Beach, Dollar Hill, Carnelian Bay and yes, those that stand out in front of my store.

I believe we should be able to find a solution that is a benefit to all. I welcome any positive suggestions from any in the community.

In the meantime, in order to be in compliance with the law, I am asking that this “large group of men” not stand on or near the 7-Eleven store.

When you are in need of their services, and you will be, you are welcome to leave your contact information at the 7-Eleven on a community board that will be posted and dedicated to connecting people that need to be hired and those that need to hire them.

Anyone that wants to participate in this board must be a legal resident and show proof before they can post or receive any information.

This is not a perfect solution but is a start to finding a solution.

Truckee needs a bypass to bypass the bypass.

I am a physician and local resident. I have seen this community change but one thing that doesn’t change is the need for quality medical care, close to our homes. Tahoe Forest Hospital provides that, and now the hospital needs our help. Measure C is needed now to upgrade and improve Tahoe Forest Hospital.

Measure C will ensure Tahoe Forest Hospital has modern facilities to treat the growing medical needs of our community. Measure C will expand and upgrade the emergency room, enlarge the cancer center, retrofit the building for labor and delivery, and upgrade long-term care.

Measure C will ensure that quality healthcare remains available here in Truckee.

Please join me and many other locals, and vote “YES” to approve Measure C.

Sandy was a woman to behold.

She was a wife and a mother.

With her children, she grew old.

She had style and grace.

She made Squaw Valley the ultimate place.

She is now in a state of peace and grace.

Sandy, all of your loved ones cry at your loss.

You are in a space they cannot cross.

Sleep on dear lady, we love and miss you.

Thank you for gracing all of our lives.

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