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Readers write

What is the true measure of an education? Is it how many high school graduates go on to graduate from college? How much money we eventually earn during our lifetimes? How much time we contribute to our local communities? Hopefully, it is a combination of all these thresholds and much more.

There are those who attempt to quantify the value of an education (were children really being left behind?) but in my humble opinion, our local school district does an excellent job. The occasion of Friday’s Sierra Sun feature article (“Long-distance education” Sept. 14) should remind those of us who have chosen to send our children to local schools, that our teachers, administrators, coaches, and counselors, should be acknowledged for their dedicated efforts.

While the reasons enumerated by those who elect to enroll their children in private, charter, or other out-of-town schools are surely viable and based on some type of reasonable and personal decision making, count me as one who appreciates and values the well-rounded educational experience our local children receive attending Tahoe Truckee Unified schools.

Our three children have thoroughly benefited academically, socially, athletically, and musically during their years at Tahoe Lake, Rideout, North Tahoe Middle School and North Tahoe High School (“who taught you that? Mr. Lingle?”). My wife and I are exceedingly grateful for the well-rounded scholastic and life lessons they have received.

I would advise any concerned inquiring parent that the level of education they can expect at our local schools will be roughly equivalent to the level of effort their children exert, plus the amount of involvement they provide via volunteering their time and being actively involved with their children’s day-to-day challenges.

If you are not a millionaire you better move out of Truckee. Because like it or not, “Big Money” has been taking over this town for years. Truckee used to be a very nice friendly town. I remember an article in the newspaper about 1996 stating that our town wished to be the next Aspen. We all laughed. Well folks, it’s coming true and the people that are the most happy are the tax collectors, real estate brokers, contractors, and big business running this town.

If you are blue collar working class, forget it. Truckee wants you out. Rich people move here and have slowly been forcing their values and beliefs on the rest of us. It’s not the Mayberry-esque town it used to be. There are so many new rules to live by here that working people can’t afford it. Our property taxes have more than doubled with all the bond measures. My income has not doubled in the same period.

Well, I guess you can have it. You can’t fight big money and win. I think in the next couple years most people are going to be sorry for allowing this to happen. Sometimes you must be careful what you wish for. The quality of life in Truckee has gone down the tubes. My family is going to stay as long as possible but eventually we’ll be forced out too.

We are Emergency Department doctors and nurses of Tahoe Forest Hospital who are urging you to approve Measure C. With over 400 years of combined experience, our core staff is proud and committed to the care given at our hospital, not only in the ER but throughout the entire facility.

Our community relies on Tahoe Forest for its hospital needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If your son burns his hand on a Yule Log Christmas morning, we’re here to help him.

Measure C was conceived after the state of California mandated earthquake retrofit or replacement of non-compliant areas of our hospital to meet increased safety standards, proven necessary by the Northridge quake in Southern California. But this mandate provided no state funds to cover the expense, leaving us on our own to finance the repairs. Without these repairs we may have to close several areas of our facility to patient care.

Measure C will also help finance the purchase of the latest technology in diagnostic and treatment equipment, helping us achieve our vision “to be the best mountain community health care system in the nation.”

The care in our emergency room is first rate, but we want to do better. Currently the only barrier between neighboring patients is a curtain that does not block sound. Addressing the issue of privacy for patients is paramount. We believe our patients will benefit from the privacy and serenity of individual care centers.

Also, our community wants a cancer treatment center and a top-quality, long-term care facility for our loved ones and perhaps for ourselves as we age and need assistance. We want to provide these to you but these all come at a tremendous price tag. If we divide the cost up among us to continue to improve our health care to the public. These improvements will help us maintain high standards that make Tahoe Forest Hospital beneficial to the value, stability and quality of life in our community. Please help us help you by voting yes on Measure C.

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