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Readers Write

My wife and I pay around $500 a month for health insurance. If we need to go to a doctor or hospital we pay even more. Now we might have to pay more property taxes to support the hospital in Truckee. We pay enough already. We do not go to a doctor or dentist for we can not afford it. The only reason we have insurance is in case something traumatic happens and we have no other choice.

Even if Measure C passes we will have to go to Reno to see a doctor or hospital if we need to go for an operation. Even though I will be paying for the Truckee hospital’s buildings I will not be able to afford the use of said facilities. Who are these people running the hospital? If they can not effectively run a business that has no shortage of customers, why are they still in charge? Next ballot should be to instate a new board of directors and hospital administrators.

And as for the Truckee hospital’s threatening to leave if we do not give them what they want; Truckee hospital folks do not sound so community minded now do they?

I’ve enjoyed following the debate surrounding Measure C in the editorial pages. Interestingly, there seems to be a clear pattern. Letters opposed to the measure all focus on the pure economics of the thing ” how much it will cost, will the monies be misused, no new taxes.

Letters in support of Measure C focus on the value of human life and limb.

Rarely do we see such clear cut choices in our political process. Thirty-six dollars a year to stay in my pocket to be allocated efficiently however I see fit (say, half a dinner at a local restaurant, or half a tank of gas), or a community hospital, in which I can have my babies, take my husband when he breaks his next bone, or my kids when they have midnight asthma attacks. It seems an easy choice. Go vote.

As a senior citizen, retired teacher, an ex-board member of the Modoc Joint Unified School District, I feel a need to write concerning my experience as a visitor to Truckee High School’s Surprise Stadium and the negative message the guest bleachers transmit.

On Sept. 8, husband and I traveled to Truckee to watch our grandson play your team. I entered the gate, paid my admittance, then walked to the visitor’s bleachers. I stopped. There was a hill to climb, and a definite absence of handrail and/or steps or path. I looked for a sign apologizing for these conditions or a suggestion as to the best way to climb up the slick grass to the stands. There was neither.

My husband and son gave me a hand up. As I walked towards the bleachers some of the taller dried weeds brushed my waist and the dust filtered into my sandals. I couldn’t help wondering what kind of administration would condone this hostile approach to visitors.

Looking across the field, toward the home side, there was no doubt. There was maintenance of this area, but only for the home side with its well-kept concrete paths, brick steps and landscaping.

There’s no way to explain the visitor’s area. However, it conveys a lack of respect for any/all visitors’ safety. Truckee High School administrators need to take time to evaluate the visitor’s area. Climb the hill. Note the safety issues and needed improvements. Plan to prevent accidents.

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