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Readers write

In response to the letter from Sept. 3, 2007, (Why Spanish?) I would like to explain my purpose and/or rationale behind the Spanish section in the Sierra Sun.I agree with when in Rome, do as the Romans do, Spanish speakers do indeed need to learn English. However, integration into a new language and culture does not happen from one day to the other.It is important for the newcomers to have the opportunity to know what is going on in their town, as well as a tool to be able to learn more works in English. By reading the articles in both English and Spanish it surely gives them an opportunity to learn new terms, words, etc., I could not imagine being in a new country and not knowing what was going on locally.There are many English speakers who are learning Spanish, and this is a tool for them to practice the language and compare it to the English section, enabling them to learn a little more each time.I am helping cultural integration by teaching Spanish, English and cultural dances (non-profit) to those who need it, and I use the newspaper as an instrument to help. But also for those who desire to travel and use the language, and by showing them a little bit about my culture. Yes, Spanish speakers need to learn to speak English, but it also is not right to keep them ignorant of local issues simply because they have yet to conquer the English language. Lets try to educate everyone, regardless of language barriers.Sylvia DoignonKings Beach

What is the true measure of an education? Is it how many high school graduates go on to graduate from college? How much money we eventually earn during our lifetimes? How much time we contribute to our local communities? Hopefully, it is a combination of all these thresholds and much more.There are those who attempt to quantify the value of an education (were children really being left behind?) but in my humble opinion, our local school district does an excellent job. The occasion of Fridays Sierra Sun feature article (Long-distance education Sept. 14) should remind those of us who have chosen to send our children to local schools, that our teachers, administrators, coaches, and counselors, should be acknowledged for their dedicated efforts.While the reasons enumerated by those who elect to enroll their children in private, charter, or other out-of-town schools are surely viable and based on some type of reasonable and personal decision making, count me as one who appreciates and values the well-rounded educational experience our local children receive attending Tahoe Truckee Unified schools. Our three children have thoroughly benefited academically, socially, athletically, and musically during their years at Tahoe Lake, Rideout, North Tahoe Middle School and North Tahoe High School (who taught you that? Mr. Lingle?). My wife and I are exceedingly grateful for the well-rounded scholastic and life lessons they have received.I would advise any concerned inquiring parent that the level of education they can expect at our local schools will be roughly equivalent to the level of effort their children exert, plus the amount of involvement they provide via volunteering their time and being actively involved with their childrens day-to-day challenges. David Hansen North Tahoe

My name is Norma App. Many of you know me as the women who was misdiagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33. Many of you have read different articles through the years about my story and survivorship. With October here again I choose to speak up, help raise awareness and hopefully offer hope to all those surviving.My odds of still surviving today were very slim. Being diagnosed at a young age, I was told it was aggressive. The goals I set for myself was to see my one year old daughter start school. My 10 & 11 year olds graduate high school. It was pure excitement, joy and extreme gratitude, knowing of many others who lost their battle much sooner. Not a day goes by that I don’t feel lucky.This month marks nine years surviving. Even though the cancer is progressing rapidly in my bones, I choose to celebrate by participating in the Susan G. Komen three-day, 60-mile walk in San Diego on Nov. 9-11. I am determined in reaching this goal. I do however need to raise $2,300 to participate. If anyone can donate any amount please go to my Web site at Every penny raised is that much closer to finding a cure. My next goal will be to be able to give another encouraging update for the next Breast Cancer Awareness month in 2008.Norma AppCarnelian Bay

Kudos to the California Department of Fish and Game for focusing on educating residents about ways to prevent bear break-ins, rather than declaring war on the bears (Bear break-ins, Sierra Sun Sept. 17/).As the Department of Fish and Game and other authorities point out, the best way to keep bears out of residential areas is to make the area unappealing to them, by never feeding bears and picking up items that attract them, such as trash, cat and dog food, and birdseed.As alarming proportions of wildlife habitat are lost to development, wild animals are forced to live in closer proximity to humans. We owe it to the animals to do our best to seek humane solutions to wildlife conflicts and learn to peacefully co-exist with all of our animal neighbors. For more information, please visit BoylesWildlife BiologistDomestic Animal and Wildlife Rescue & Information DepartmentPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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