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Readers Write

I am a full-time, year-round, home-owning resident of Kings Beach. Like the majority of residents who actually live here I favor a three-lane, pedestrian-friendly alternative to the four lanes our businesses think is best for them.

Personally, if I were a Kings Beach business I would prefer a pedestrian friendly sidewalk in front of my store or restaurant, it just makes good business sense.

But more importantly, why alienate the community you do business in. I may not be as important as the tourists, but I am here all year round.

In response to the letter to the editor, “Bad Surprise” (Sierra Sun, Sept. 21), I believe in most respects she is right. The [Truckee High School] stadium is a little outdated, the bleachers get especially hot and freezing and the hills ” oh the hills!

I respect that the writer is older and would like to see some improvements; but as a THS grad and longtime goer of THS football games, I say this: We live in the mountains, get used to climbing the hills.

How refreshing to read a positive article on a pitbull-collie mix (“Petey saves the day” Sierra Sun, Sept. 28). This breed has been the focus of negative publicity far too long and has been unfairly villainized by the media. Thank you Sierra Sun.

I was pleased to hear the Tahoe Fire Commission recognize the nature of the fundamental debate taking place before them. They will witness much material presented on the science of fire and fire-fighting, healthy forests, lake pollution, and the need for more money than anyone imagines will be available to apply to the wish lists. The reality is that none of the sciences are deterministic and nowhere near enough data is available to calibrate the science models adequately to judge them responsibly. To a man with a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

The real subject is risk management ” how to deal with uncertainties in all the parameters. The answer won’t be found in computer models, but rather in a common-sense balance of competing interests, as co-chair Sig Rogich alluded to in his opening remarks. How much can we reduce fire risk and with what uncertainty and cost? How much can we reduce environmental risk and with what uncertainty and cost? How much fire risk (hazard to humans) is worth how much environmental risk (hazard to lake clarity)?

We have been on a path of heavy emphasis on reduction of environmental risk for many years. Lake clarity has still gone down and we have now suffered a major fire. I hope the commissioners have the political fortitude to craft a rebalance the forest management policies more in favor of human interests. The objective is not to avoid goring everyone’s ox, but to properly gore all the deserving oxen to bring them to earth.

Only then will we have a chance to avoid a repeat performance at all the Tahoe agencies.

School ” one thing that can change so many things. You get to a point in your high school life when you realize you don’t have that much time left. In just a short time some old friends will be gone and new will come. In our lives we will have many paths set out for us but we cannot always make the choice of which one to take on our own.

These are what these friends are for. We have learned much from our senior friends over the years and they have been there for us through thick and thin. Next year will be our time. Our time to help the next generation. I guess all I mean to say is thank you. Thank you to all the people that have been there for me. Thank your heroes and make sure they know. Thank you to everyone.

I feel so much safer knowing that our new Nevada County District Attorney Cliff Newell and Sheriff Royal are busting crippled old ladies who are breaking the law!

Imagine the nerve of having seven plants instead of six! I just wonder if they know about our out-of-control meth problem? Of course, meth dealers mostly are not in wheel chairs, and I suspect a little more dangerous.

Come on guys, get real.

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