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Readers write

I would like to commend the writer of the Melting Pot not letter to the editor in the Readers Write section of the Oct. 3 issue of the Sierra Sun. The writer has articulated a perspective that needs to be actively promulgated in our society. Especially his point about the justification for the Town of Truckee Newsletter to require a Spanish section. Jay PriceDonner Lake

The No-Fun Grinches are at it again in Tahoe City. There is a group that is trying to shut down the Farmers Market and just about any other activity at Commons Beach. What’s next? Kick the kids out of the park because they make noise? Stop the Fourth of July parade? I was once told by a very wise person that, Just because you moved here, you dont have the right to close the gate behind you. Come on folks don’t let a few curmudgeons close down our town. If they succeed we might as well all move to Truckee because Tahoe City will die.Dick WhiteHomewood

The choice is yours as to how you treat the planet as you live on it. Do you choose not to litter or are you the one that throws that trash on the ground while your looking at a beautiful view? Go to any incredible view on Earth and you’ll see trash at your feet. It seems a lot of visitors to these breathtaking views of nature want to leave a sign that they were there by leaving behind garbage. I guess people like this don’t want anyone that comes after them to enjoy the view.If we can’t stop dropping and throwing trash on the ground, how will we ever be able to save Earth from global warming. If we can’t do something as simple as putting garbage in a garbage can than how will we come together on the bigger picture.Drive less, eat less, shop less, complain less, and put your trash in the can.Bob CandlerTruckee

You should do some research before writing a johnny-come-lately opinion (Residents deserve recourse on water Sierra Sun Oct. 8). Recourse? Everyone of these water companies have had recourse at least once, sometimes twice, in recent past, to be acquired by the Tahoe City PUD. I know because my engineering firm, Dewante & Stowell, prepared the appraisals of those water systems for the TCPUD. (No, it wasn’t me who did the actual work, in fact, I didn’t even know about them until after I bought the water companies). And in every case, the water customers voted no when told of what it would cost them if TCPUD took over!The only difference this time, is that the customers haven’t yet been told of what it will cost them. The organizers are keeping that from the customers, deceiving them, actually. Why? Because they know what you don’t when faced with the TCPUD price tag of tens of thousands of dollars per customer to rebuild the system, they vote it down.The fact is, the system does need replacement, but as a private company, I can do it for much less cost, and in less time. I’ve announced the cost per customer of my plan. My plan would start next summer putting new pipe in the ground. Plus, I have a good chance of getting a state grant to pay for one-third of the cost. A grant, incidentally, that is only available to small water systems, which excludes TCPUD. Your siding with TCPUD, without knowing the history and why its still private, is irresponsible. A TCPUD acquisition would burden my customers with a huge debt obligation and possibly jeopardize the grant I’m working hard to get for them. Do your job, do the customers a real service, and get all the facts before you form an opinion. At least wait until the TCPUD reveals the per customer cost, then let them vote. TCPUD has their share of dissatisfied customers, believe me.One final thought: The TCPUD actually had an option to buy Lake Forest (and other water companies), in the past. Why didn’t they exercise that option? Learn a little history. Rick Dewante Tahoe Park Water Company operator

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