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Readers write

I agree that improved fire suppression services and apparatus (read: manpower) are needed for the North Tahoe Fire Protection District, and (for me) the cost is minimal (13 gallons of gas or whole milk annually) each year. What I don’t like is the fact that this assessment (tax) has no sunset clause. The assessment, adjusted for inflation each year not to exceed 3 percent, means that by the sixteenth year, the district will be cranking in $1 million annually. That will buy a lot of services and apparatus each year. When does the law of diminishing returns apply i.e., how large a bureaucracy are the taxpayers going to end up with wherein the district becomes unmanageable?Ritch DavidsonTahoe City

North Tahoe High Homecoming! A time when alumni come back to the school they attended to show their kids where they grew up. To reminisce about the past they were so proud to be a part of. Families come to support the student athletes and enjoy the annual past time we have all grown to love. Parents of players have worked hard to revive the pride and create a unity that once packed the stadium. This year we were let down by the decision makers who obviously don’t even know or care when homecoming happens.To our surprise, instead of entering in to a decorated stadium, enjoying the class floats, and preparing for a halftime show of Kings and Queens, we got to enter through a construction zone. What were they doing between May and September? Knowing that there is a construction time frame for digging, better planning might have been an option.When we went to school here, the fathers put the windows in and the moms rolled sod on the fields on the weekends. How about a heads-up to the very tight-knit group of parents of the football team explaining the issue? I guarantee if notified, the parents would have showed up in force to assist to make it happen in a timely manner using local resources, and parent participation. How hard is it to address the issues that affect our kids livelihoods, so we can be part of the solution?We all have financially supported the sports programs at this school, so yes; we have a vested interest in its success. In order to promote continued support from the community, not just the parents, we need to have these significant events remembered in a positive light. The school board needs to realize that it’s not just a few parents that are upset, just a few parents that will let them know it. In the future maybe the communication can improve and we can actually provide the environment that will benefit the students, and how they should remember their school days.Lisa AdamsLinda PaineDave & Becky PaulsonSteve & Andrea FenleyWally AuerbachCindy Gustafson

I am responding to the statements made by Jim Bowman and Brenda McLean in the article Repeated bear break-ins trouble homeowners (Sierra Sun Oct. 16). They need to start issuing some permits and do a little thinning, Bowman said and Weve gotten to the point where something has to be done the status quo is not going to work anymore, McLean said. As these people are understandably frustrated, it amazes me that there are still homeowners in the Tahoe Basin who cant understand why their homes are broken into by bears. Then to also make the assumption that the only reason could possibly be is that there are too many bears.Ann Bryant along with the Bear League have been telling us for years what we need to do in order to keep bears out of our homes and trash. The number-one rule aside from installing bear bins is that no food be kept in your house if you are a part-time resident. It appeared from the photo that there was a significant amount of food left in that home.I have lived in Tahoe a good portion of my life, my mom and best friend have lived here 35-plus years and we have never had a bear break in our homes nor do we have any close friends that have. I dont think this is luck especially if we are having a bear population problem, which I dont believe we are. It is because we follow the bear rules, which are simple and put in the paper practically every week as well as posters around neighborhoods. Since this Tahoe Pines neighborhood has had numerous break-ins, I would like to have known what steps they took after the first break-in. I cant imagine they just kept cleaning it up and didnt do anything different towards prevention. If theyre not following any of the Bear Leagues suggestions and are just waiting for the Department of Fish and Game to do some thinning, then they can expect their homes to continue to get broken into or we can sadly expect some bears to die unnecessarily once again.Kim KerriganTahoe City

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