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Readers write

I empathize with the Democrats who are shocked that John Kerry lost the election. That is exactly how we Republicans felt in 1992 and 1996. However, we were not ready to move to Canada. No, we were ready to reach out, educate others of Republican principles, and wait for a brighter day.I wish the disgruntled Democrats would move to Canada. That would give us more Red States in 2008. During our October 2004 visit to the Atlantic Provinces we were told that their minimum income tax begins at 35 percent, and their sales tax is 15 percent on every purchase! Half of the sales tax goes to the province and the other half goes to the National Health Care System. That does not include property tax, estate tax, etc. They even tax postage stamps -an 80 cent stamp costs 92 cents after taxes. During our visit to Canada, Prime Minister Tony Blair had an out-patient heart treatment in London. The Canadian TV reported that the same procedure in Canada would require a year and a half waiting period. In any case, the Democrats that move to Canada will be coming back quickly so they can live the life they have grown to love.Karen MeyerPresidentTruckee-Tahoe Republican WomenA friend foreverI consider David Kurrle to be one of my best friends, if not my only best friend. We went through a lot together through thick and thin. There were the times back in the day when we would go to Buddy Warner every Sunday and race each other and brag about who was the better racer at the end of the day. With me and David everything was a competition; from riding in a car to competitive sports. It was all in good fun and bragging rights. I can remember riding with David and his parents to the Seven Sacred Pools on Maui. It was an all-day trip and we had a blast. It was his first time on the road to Hanna so we had to stop at every waterfall to swim and jump off some rocks. But what I remember the most is the look on his eyes when we came across the bridge that overlooks the pools. It was like he had never seen a place like this before. When we got to the beach area of the pools he was the first one to climb up and jump off. He was crazy that day and it wore off on me.We did every jump you could do up to 60 feet high while his parents sat on the beach and took pictures of us while yelling at us to be careful. There are too many memories for me to write on paper or for me to type, but I will always remember David as a great man that held the potential to do anything he put his mind too. He pushed his friends do go bigger and do better even if he wasn’t doing that well. Through thick and thin he carried a smile on his face and he would never tell you what was wrong unless you were alone with him. His absence will never be filled, but the memories I have of us hanging out together will get me through, even when it gets rough.Casey EberhardtTruckee/San Luis ObispoThe gift of lifeI would like to thank Jim Porter for again bringing organ donation awareness in his weekly column in the Sierra Sun to the Truckee community.As a liver transplant recipient two years ago, I know what that wait is like. As Jim’s column says, the greatest gift we can give is the “gift of life.” If it had not been that gift from by donor family, I would not be here to thank Jim.Please sign your donor card, but most of all let your loved ones know your wishes. Thank you Jim for your continued support of organ donation awareness.Carol O’BrienTruckeeYasser successor?Another tyrant is gone and the world is at least a tiny bit better for it. Yasser Arafat certainly had the courage of his bloodthirsty convictions, but their substance – pushing the Jews into the sea – lingers on with many of those he left behind. Let us all hope and pray that his successors are willing to live a more politically correct subset of their desires and negotiate a peaceful settlement with Israel.It would be nice if Palestinian Foreign Minister Nabil Shaath could garner more support. This personally charming academic has been credited with both direct negotiation and behind the scenes successes at peace practices including Oslo, Camp David and Taba and is welcome at the U.S. State Department. Formerly a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Shaath is at home with Western thinking. He visited California in the euphoric days of 2000 to promote economic cooperation, signing a ceremonial tripartite agreement among Israel, the Palestinian Authority and the California/Israel Chamber of Commerce. At least he understands the concept of building a real nation through hard work, smart partnerships and democratic process. He has seen exactly those factors create the modern miracle of Israel and he says that is what he wants for his people.How refreshing a change that would be! Dr. Shaath shares the taint of alleged corruption with his former leader, but corruption is something we could live with if they would just stop blowing themselves up in public places. One can’t help but ask whether the current uprising, known by some as the “Arafat Intifada,” might have been averted had Nabil Shaath been authorized to sign the peace deal that he helped to negotiate with Israel and that his friend Yasser Arafat rejected with horrific violence.Rick TavanTruckee

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