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Readers Write

After reading the opinion of a guest column writer on the Homewood Mountain Resort project (Homewood development is too massive Sierra Sun Nov. 2) I am both offended and disturbed.How dare she represent the town of Homewood. Whether you agree or disagree with the project at hand, to be thrown into a group represented by her is distasteful and wrong.I was at her meeting the other day and there were an overwhelming majority of people who either supported the project or just needed more information before forming their opinions. I think it was very poor judgment by her to make blanket statements like she did without knowing all of the facts. I think it is a great idea to get as many facts as you can before taking one side or the other, so lets do that. Lets not represent a whole community if you do not have their support and, column writer, you most certainly do not have this communitys support. This was well evident at the meeting the other day.The Homewood mountain project could be an amazing project with effects on the community, our community. So lets continue the discussions and weigh the environmental impacts, cultural impacts, economic impacts and educational impacts on all of us. We have the processes in place to do this so we should use them. According to the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and Placer County, Homewood is currently fitting all guidelines and has proved themselves with the restoration and fuel reduction programs. Through education and facts the Homewood community can then decide for themselves.Please do not let a whole towns voice be usurped by one person with an opinion and a pen.Ralph SilvermanHomewood

The Life andamp; Learning Friends of the Library column (Big Brother is looking for lost books Sierra Sun Nov. 7) pertaining to the inclusion of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags in library books implied that Big Brother could remotely identify the location of overdue library books in somebody’s home.This isn’t possible in my opinion. The type of tags most commonly used in this application are passively powered (no internal power source, works up to 4 inches) or perhaps semi-passively powered (with an internal power source, allowing transmission of up to a few meters). Considering this limitation, RFID tags in library books makes all kinds of sense to me. The result is that they could be used in lieu of a bar-code reader, letting the librarian wave an RFID reader over a whole pile of books. Therefore, technology choices for this application make it unlikely that a librarian could remotely detect books in somebody’s home. Using RFID is simply a question of efficiency in this example.Ken GraceyAlpine Meadows

Two things that hit the wall during the last 10 days or so:1. Whoever stole our flag in front of the American Mail Store: It was brand new and not up a week before you took it. We hope you appreciated what it represents, and are not using it with the same disrespect as you had when you took it.2. People, when you cant find a shopping cart at Safeway and Rite-Aid, try to remember where youve seen them all the last week or so. They have been scattered all over the parking lot at the center because people cant see their way to return them to where they found them. It doesnt help the cost of good and services to have employees chasing them all over the place for something you failed to return.On both counts, were sure your Mama taught you better.Rusty and Carol PauliTruckee

When is the postal service in Truckee going to improve? My son just spent two days in jail and lost two valuable days of work because he did not receive a notice to appear in court. The court told my wife this morning that everyone in Truckee is having mail delivery problems. This has been going on for several years now and nothing is being done. There have been four or five previous letters to the editor about this. Nothing has been done. This is a disgrace! We have called our congressman and suggest everyone to the same and demand some changes. Next time the cops could be coming to your door.Frank CasellaTruckee

I have worked for the California Department of Transportation for over 30 years. Most of that time I spent working on the road with motorists politely slowing down to 75 miles per hour as they pass within two feet of me.Last week, a fellow worker was struck and killed by an errant motorist in District 4. It made the news for less than 15 seconds. But alas, a state worker throws a dead rabbit off the roadway and it makes the news for almost 15 minutes. I have to wonder about the value of a state worker who puts his life on the line every day so you can get to where ever you are going in some kind of comfort.Please, give us a break.Verne DisneyApplegate

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