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Readers write

I am writing in response to the well-intentioned but misguided “My Turn” column of Nov. 14 (“A family’s disconcerting trip to D.C.”) I find it interesting, and extremely naive, that Mr. Smith holds Sen. Barbara Boxer “and others in the Democratically ‘controlled’ Congress” responsible for “allowing Mr. Bush and his ilk their free-and-unchallenged reign” with regard to increased security measures in Washington and around the country.

The writer further holds Sen. Boxer “responsible for the losses of freedom and liberties that have been tolerated during the current administration” by not questioning and determining “whether each act is constitutional and in the best interest of our country.”

A rudimentary grade-school civics refresher reveals that there is a third branch of government specifically designed to determine the constitutionality of our laws ” the judiciary. Unfortunately, President Bush has had the opportunity to fill several positions on the Supreme Court during his time in office, including the Chief Justice.

As for the Democratically “controlled” Congress, the majority party in Congress only “controls” setting the agenda of issues to be considered. There is not enough of a majority in either house for congress to override a veto by President Bush.

The increased security in our airports and public buildings is a new fact of life since 9/11. We still enjoy an unparalleled level of freedom in our nation, due entirely to our form of democratic government. So it seems to me that responsibility lies with all of us to educate ourselves on the issues, and then to vote for the very best people in every election for every office.

While we all get frustrated with the seemingly slow pace of change in Washington, it is the checks and balances of our system that provide and protect the very freedoms the writer mentions.

Perhaps Winston Churchill said it best when he stated, “Democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.”

Living in the States now for a number of years there has been one thing in particular that has struck me as odd ” the coin system. It has been widely used since the Roman times, as a very reflective way of showing worth.

Back in the land of sheep, New Zealand, the weight of the coins are all respectfully equal to the same amount in capital. Hence; $20 worth of 20 cent pieces would weigh the same amount of $20 in 10 cent pieces. Growing up with this system was fairly easy, I began to know the feel of the certain amount of money in my pocket, so therefore the phrase, “Slapping my pocket.”

Now living here in this picturesque town I find that if I have a two nickels it weighs over three times the weight of a dime but they equal the same amount. Why? I cannot figure this out and have come very perplexed. The girl at the bank told me that she would look into it but never got back to me after I left my phone number. I called the bank manager and he told me that he wishes for me to stop calling him and bothering him with “worthless questions” (no pun intended). Could anyone please tell me why and how this came about? Thanks for helping,

The AYSO Code of Conduct states that we are to encourage good sportsmanship and self-discipline. The kids seem to have no problem with this, but the adults are the ones that have no self-control.

It is blatantly apparent that there are a select few that manipulate and control the entire program. The goal of AYSO is to instill integrity in our youth, and that’s just not happening. When it comes down to it, our kids are learning that it’s all about who you know, not about how well you play soccer.

The All Star selection is greatly swayed. Kids who deserve to go are sitting home wondering why they were not chosen, and there are kids going because they are one way or another related to or friends of a board member or coach. There needs to be a standard set for the selection of All Stars, that is impartial and dependent upon the child’s skills and talent.

We are sending the wrong message, and it has already affected the program significantly. We are losing sponsors, coaches and players. They are going on to play in other leagues where they are judged on their ability, not on their social status. North Tahoe is already struggling to build successful sports programs, and due to the politics of a small town we will only hurt our children.

Proponents of Measure C in a large part used the seismic retrofit requirements the state passed after the 1994 Northridge earthquake to get the measure passed. The size of the retrofit and costs were challenged by some of us, but alas the measure passed.

However, in the Sacramento Bee (Nov. 14) there is an article about a hearing in Sacramento where the California Hospital Association has appealed that requirement and asked that new technology, provided by FEMA, be used to reevaluate the seismic findings that were used to put 1,100 hospitals in the high risk-category in our state.

I do not remember the Measure C people saying if Tahoe Forest was in that category nor (assuming that TFH is a member of the CHA) that there was an appeal in the works that could delay till 2030 or cancel the retrofit.

If the appeal is approved and the high-tech equipment is OK’d for reevaluation, will TFH asked to be reevaluated and if the findings change or eliminate the retro need (it is estimated over half of the hospitals will be) what happens to Measure C dollars that the hospital will be banking.

Measure C was rushed on us; will there be a rush by TFH to change the dollar needs of C if they are not needed?

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