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Readers write

I’m wondering how many of my fellow Truckee residents are experiencing problems with the High Def TV and Internet services offered by Suddenlink when the temperatures start to drop? Since our fist cool evenings in September, I am losing my HDTV signals when the mercury hits the mid-30s and now I’m, losing my broadband Internet signal as well when we get below freezing.Suddenlink reps have acknowledged on several occasions that they are aware of the problem and are working on it, but it has now been over two months. Unfortunately, I have no other choice for HDTV service as my wooded location prevents me from getting a signal from either DirecTV or DISH. As for broadband, ATandamp;T will be getting a call to install DSL service if Suddenlink cannot get their temperature-related problems figured out soon.Bill LangtonTruckee

I posted the warning signs in our Cedar Flat neighborhood (Hunting in the Basin: Legal at safe distance Sierra Sun Nov. 15), after a hunter/shooter was seen and heard near roads and a meadow nearby. The issue isnt hunting itself, but whether hunting regulations are adequate and safe in the Tahoe Basin. California Department of Fish andamp; Game (DFG) 2007/8 regulations call for a 150-yard safety zone around residences. They also state, It is always unlawful toshoot any firearm from or upon a public road or highway and Public road or other way open, particularly, with respect to safety regulations, includes any roads, dirt or otherwise, trails, open fields etc., open to public access.One hundred fifty yards cant be safe when rifle bullets carry a mile or more, and the safety regulation regarding roads is never enforced. If it were, it would essentially disallow shooting in the Basin, as hundreds of miles of public roads crisscross forest areas in Tahoe (making it almost impossible NOT to shoot from or across one, and also almost impossible to enforce.)DFG regulations are decades old and intended for rural areas. Tahoe and other resorts are not rural. Residential areas here are as dense as many suburbs, with small quarter-acre lots and thousands of multi-family units. Forest roads are heavily used for a variety of recreational purposes (and the local economy depends on that). Allowing hunting and shooting so close to so many people is a terrible accident waiting to happen. Hunting zones, which are already very specific and detailed, should be revised to clearly exclude densely populated areas near homes and schools to reflect current realities, and to provide realistic, enforceable safety zones.Sherry GuzziTahoe City

President Bush is determined to start a third war. And once again, hes lying through his teeth about it.In spite of the fact that Bushs own intelligence experts have confirmed that Iran discontinued its weapons program in 2003; in spite of the fact that Iran doesnt have the money to restart a weapons program; in spite of the fact that it would take years for Iran to develop a bomb even if they did restart a weapons program; and in spite of the fact that in the months following 9/11, Iran was actually an ally of the United States in defeating the Taliban (didnt know that, did you?)Bush wants to continue his program of Middle Eastern Destabilization and initiate another unilateral, illegal, immoral war. Bushs own security experts indicate that he was told back in August or September that Iran had halted its nuclear weapons program years before, yet in his speech Monday, he claimed that he only learned of the new intelligence assessment last week.Once again, Bush is telling open, bold-faced lies and expecting us to swallow them. If you want to ensure that Iran does restart its weapons program, and that more Americans and foreign citizens are needlessly slaughtered, then support Bush in his saber-rattling. If we back them into a corner long enough, surely we can force them to give us a reason to start another war. If you want to render the world a more dangerous place for your children, if you want to saddle your children with trillions of dollars of debt, if you want to ensure that for decades to come, Americans will be regarded as bullies, thugs, criminals and hypocrites, then support Bush in his lies. After all, hes A War President and The Decider.If, on the other hand, youre tired of the lies, tired of the killing, tired of endless wars that accomplish nothing, then stand up and say no. Write your senator and representatives and demand that they defy the liar in the White House, and refuse to start another war just to salve his ego. We have the power and the right to say no!Lore’ McLarenTruckee

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