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Readers Write

Thank the snow gods for our wonderful weather! I love the snow, but my car hates it. Recently, when the snow hit, I was making my way over Brockway back home to Kings Beach. I was going 25, with chains (ugh) and hadn’t seen anyone the whole way up the hill. When I hit the crest of the hill, I found that I had a tailgater, from Nevada, all over my bumper. In an attempt to move to the shoulder and let this irritating driver, for lack of a better word, go around. As I moved out of his way and onto the shoulder, he bumped me ever so slightly into the snow bank. Irate and shocked, I composed myself and went to see the damage. It was merely cosmetic, which I feel adds to the local character of our vehicles.

I spent 30 minutes at the top of 267 digging out, while streams of cars, trucks and SUVs sped past me, waving, honking and flipping me the bird. My cell phone was dead and all attempts at flagging someone down were futile. Funny how no one stopped to even ask if I needed help. Where do we live again?

What part of, “Stop, I need some help” don’t we understand. Or are we so caught up in the rat race of life that we can’t even stop to help one of our own? Whatever.

So, to that gentleman who pushed me into the snow bank, thanks. Thanks a whole lot. I hope where you were going was worth it to stick me into Brockway.

I want to send out a big thank you to the Truckee Police Department for recently patrolling Northwoods between lower Hansel up to “Will’s Market.” I hope this will be a regular occurrence as it seemed to slow down traffic quite a bit. My child-care provider is located on that stretch of Northwoods and I cannot tell you how many near-miss accidents I have encountered while entering and exiting their driveway.

Sometimes people are hauling by at speeds that rival traffic on I-80. Each day I use my signal, look both ways a couple times before pulling out onto the roadway, yet I have experienced the fear of nearly being side-swiped with my kids in the car more times than once. My day-care providers share their own nightmare stories of near-miss accidents and also praise the police for patrolling Northwoods.

The challenge I face everyday to get my kids to and from school safely on Truckee roadways is one I am sure I share with every parent. With winter weather upon us, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to leave for your destination earlier, and please ” slow down. It may prevent an accident that could change someone’s life forever.

The hospital doesn’t need the bond money, they need to learn how to bill and return phone calls. I had an expensive test done around April. They did not send the insurance company the right info. Me, my wife and the insurance company have called and left several messages with no response.

I guess they figure why bill for it if the public is dumb enough to give it to us. This has been going on for the 12-plus years we have lived here. I believe the public and the local government needs to see the books before they get money.

I read the article about the bear poaching and had a comment. Let’s keep our bears a secret. Let’s stop writing about how short-handed our game wardens are and how many bears are poached.

If I were a bear hunter, those numbers would look pretty good. Especially since I’ve read that some gall bladders go for good money.

I know writing this even defeats my purpose. Hopefully, this will be the last time poachers read about our bears. During World War II, one of the sayings was “loose lips sink ships.” History is an excellent teacher.

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