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Readers write

It’s so easy to complain about the economy, too much work, gas prices, the traffic, etc, but sometimes, (hopefully often if you live in Tahoe!), you are hit over the head by an overwhelming appreciation for the wonderful life we have here.Saturday night, sitting under the stars on the Tahoe Donner driving range, swept away by the rousing music of the Russian National Orchestra, the moon dangling over the stage, pine trees swaying to the melody and moths dancing in the stage lights, I experienced a moment of supreme gratitude for life in Tahoe.If you need one, I highly recommend you attend one of the summer music festival concerts. Pack a picnic and a bottle of wine or a bag of chips and a six pack; grab a group of friends, or go by yourself, and enjoy our wonderful home at it’s best!Julie ConoverTahoe CityTasteless Jell-O I don’t know which is more pathetic; that 225 people showed up to watch barely clothed men and women wrestle each other in Jell-O or that Action (“How to host a Jell-O wrestling match” July 23-Aug. 8) thought it newsworthy material to publish. If I want to read articles of this caliber I’ll by a newsstand tabloid. Please stick to articles that are of at least some redeeming social or cultural value and leave such refuse to others of lesser mentalities. Chuck MorganTruckeeSutton ought to be commendedI am writing to express my anger and disappointment in your article on Pat Sutton (Micro-managing nightmare or public’s PUD watchdog? Sierra Sun, July 23) and her service on the Truckee Donner PUD Board. Shame on you.Your article served no apparent purpose. What was the point? What was your intent? To disparage someone who has had the courage to stand up to her peers on an elected board and the fortitude to serve our community for over two decades? Your article led nowhere.I am under the impression that we elect local officials in the democratic fashion. If Pat Sutton is doing a job her constituents don’t like, then they will vote her out of office. Serving in public office is not and must not ever be a popularity contest among elected peers. It’s the citizens that do the voting, not the board and not the local paper. Perhaps there’s good reason behind her “no” votes, And perhaps, if the Sierra Sun were investing in solid reporting instead of writing inflammatory and cheap shot articles such as the one on Ms. Sutton, you might find issues worth reporting in every sector of local government.Perhaps [the editor hasn’t] you haven’t lived in this area long enough to know that you could write that same story on select members of any of our local boards. However, it’s the mix of representatives that assures a variety of viewpoints and balanced decisions, representing all of the community instead of a homogeneous gathering of good ol’ boys or girls. From my perspective after a meager five years of public service, I can tell you that to publicly question staff and to disagree with your peers takes courage, homework, and complete conviction in your beliefs. We should be applauding Ms. Sutton on her years of service instead of belittling her style. The voters will ultimately have their say on Ms. Sutton’s ongoing service, and that of all of our representatives. I hope that the Sierra Sun will soon return from the yellow journalism land of the National Inquirer and again provide insightful, balanced, researched news, worthy of something other than the Friday fishwrap. Meanwhile, you owe Ms. Sutton an apology and me a refund of my remaining subscription.Maia SchneiderTruckeeBMX track thanks The Truckee-Donner Recreation and Park District would like to thank Gary Jones, Halls Excavating, Tim Larson, Kevin Taylor, Ed Atkins and all the other volunteers for their time and effort to make the Truckee BMX track a success. Thanks to their hard work, the track is in beautiful condition. Riders of all ages and all ability levels are invited to come out and enjoy the fun.Truckee-Donner Recreation and Park District

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