Readers write |

Readers write

I continue to be amazed at how much time and effort is being spent on the negativity directed at the pending parking structure in Tahoe City. Don’t we have enough negativity with what is going on in the world and our own economy?

It is too bad that the same amount of effort is not being spent toward the positives of the parking structure and what it will do to help this community’s need for parking or perhaps send letters of suggestion to snow removal personnel on getting training on where the berm gate switch is on their new plows or finding out why there is an epidemic of juvenile diabetes and autism and doing something about it or supporting affordable housing efforts so we can re establish a stronger community or something as simple as picking up the litter in town.

So come on, how about being positive about things for a change and use that pent-up energy for getting things done that help fix problems. Let’s stop belittling others and their efforts to be helpful, and if you don’t like something be helpful in coming up with a legitimate solution instead of destroying years and years worth of work and effort. It’s no wonder that there is a perception that people don’t want to come do business in Tahoe City. Who wants to go someplace where everyone is fighting each other?

By the way where is everyone finding the time to blog?

After living in Truckee for nearly 30 years I’m forced to write a letter to the editor so fellow Truckee residents will be aware of what’s happening at our downtown post office. Yes, we’ve all had trouble with mail delivery at the post office; either wrong mail delivered or not delivered at all. I personally have made verbal complaints and sent certified letters to Reno and Sacramento to no avail. I went into the post office Thursday, Friday and Saturday and no mail. Then on Monday I got three pieces of mail and a yellow card to pick up at the window. I waited in line 17 minutes to get a box of mail. I questioned the clerk, “Where has this mail been?” He said, “It’s the time of the season.”

I showed him late gas bills, a PUD bill that I should have received three weeks before. A second problem I addressed with the postmistress was parking. She stated they are open 24/7 and there’s a 20-minute parking limit. If you’re there longer you’ll be towed. That includes Friday and Saturday nights and all day Sunday. So not only is our government-owned post office messing with our mail but now our transportation. There’s a local reputable towing company that’s been hired by the post office to tow cars and they’re making a pretty profit off locals ” $350 minimum up to $500.

Please know I informed the Truckee Police of this and was informed that it’s private property and is between the post office and the company. My reply to the postmistress was why not work on fixing the mail delivery problem and not worry about towing cars.

By the way, did you know that 10 to 12 post office employees park in the lot all day? Why don’t they have to park on the streets like other downtown employees?

If all else fails there’s a number to call and file a complaint ” 1-800-275-8777. I pray my fellow Truckee locals will file a complaint. Maybe if enough of us call the problem may get fixed. Don’t hold your breath.

My daughter was at the Truckee Community pool this Sunday in the late afternoon (4 p.m. to 5 p.m.) swimming with a friend. She was very upset to return to her locker to find that her small red “American Girl” wallet was gone. This was very special to her and she was very disappointed that it was gone. The next evening, a lifeguard called to let us know her student ID was at the office but the wallet and its contents were not found. There were other people there that day and if anyone has seen this small, red, one side clear, zippered, child’s wallet, my daughter would really appreciate it if it could be returned to the lifeguards at the Community Pool for return to my daughter. It would be a nice gesture especially during the holiday season.

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